Ängie Announces Debut Album "Suicidal Since 1995" and Releases New Single "Dope"

Sweden artist Ängie has announced that her debut full-length album titled "Suicidal Since 1995", will be out this Spring on April 6th 2018 via Universal. Her new single called "Dope" off the album has also been released.

The new single finds Ängie on a darker tip from the controversial pop that shot her to international fame. It features dark bass and rolling trap beats with a heady emotional flow.

In 2016 Ängie burst onto the scene and took the world by shock and awe with her debut single "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy". Her following singles "Housewife Spliffin" and "Spun" further cemented her status as one of the hottest names to come out of Sweden.

The songs have clocked up over 6 millions views on YouTube and Ängie has had unofficial fan clubs established across the world in locations as far flung as Brazil and Russia.

She has received critical praise from the broadsheets, scandalized the tabloids and became an overnight internet sensation.

Check out the new single "Dope" over on Spotify HERE.

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