Althea Releases New Song "Last Overwhelming Velvet Emotion (L.O.V.E.) featuring Alessia Scolletti

Althea have released their new single "Last Overwhelming Velvet Emotion (LOVE)" with a special guest vocalist of Alessia Scolletti, who has collaborated with other acts like Overtures, Sailing to Nowhere, Temperance and others.

The song, originally conceived as a duet, is included in the last albums of Althea's titled "Memories Have No Name" as this version was recorded individually by Alessio Accardo. All proceeds from sales of the track through the Bandcamp page of the band will be donated to Emergency.

"Last Overwhelming Velvet Emotion (LOVE)" was recorded by Dario Bortot and mixed and mastered by Danilo Di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Studios (MI). The voice of Alessia Scolletti was recorded by Michael Guaitoli (Overtures, Kaledon) at The Groove Factory Studio in Udine.

Check out the track via Bandcamp right HERE.

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