Aladdin's Magical Appearance at the Pantages Theater of Hollywood!

Disney's Aladdin, another one of many Disney brands that received the treatment to which was a musical. Except in Aladdin's case there were two variations of the musical based off the animated Disney classic film. The first incarnation was a Broadway style show held at the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California. This show being titled "Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular", running from 2003 through 2016, where it's final show would be held in January of 2016, being replaced by another musical stage show that would be inspired by Disney's 2013 animated film known as Frozen that launched in the summer of 2016 and has been there ever since Aladdin's departure.

After the theme park version of Aladdin had run its course, Aladdin would take on the musical showcase once more in the form of Broadway among other instances give or take, doing a trail run, to quite a buzzing response. That said, the show would then go on to hit the road on the form of a tour, across the North American terrain, hitting of course Los Angeles, California with its stop in Hollywood's most notorious theater the Pantages Theater. It running from January through March of 2018, a short run but a run nonetheless! This goes into saying that this showcase was so much more different in comparisons to the film and the version from Disney's California Adventure park as well. Some characters known by fans did not make appearances at all, but were excluded from the show or replaced by others altogether to make room for newer characters to shine. Other changes or differences would be little things where certain scenes from the film would play out much different in this stage show version being a nice addition more or less.

In term's the production, crew, and cast and the music though, everything done at the Pantages Theater was as always splendidly, everyone doing their part, showing it their all in all counts. The music done live with a orchestra in presents, did a great job, just as the cast had done, singing with all they got, giving all the classic's including new songs as well, best possibilities through and through. Surely this showcase was one to be remembered, for all that it is worth, because everyone there did such a great job, it made the whole production just magical.

As for the show in general, it was done quite well, the crowd's reaction's to the jokes and one liner's made points, while songs sung were applauded with not just applause but cheers as well. Everyone there in this sold out showcase, was smiling ear to ear with glee!

All in all, a well done performance that did the Pantages Theater really good. Disney's Aladdin no matter the version you see, is a take on its own vision of what it is meant to be, simply and purely magic.

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