Abramis Brama Gets Signed And Announces New Album

Abramis Brama signs with Black Lodge Records, who will release the band's seventh studio album "Tusen år" on April 20th 2018. "Tusen år", is a focused, dense hard rock album that stays true to band's ideals - the heavy riffs, the groove, the Swedish lyrics - and also digs deeper with thoughtful and poetic lyrics, both celebrating and lamenting our existence as humans from the beginning of time into a future unknown.

"Tusen år" was recorded and mixed in the band's own Hagaton Musikstudio in Stockholm, Sweden by Mats Torkelsson. This marks the 20th anniversary of the band's debut on the Swedish hard rock scene, when the band's signature song "Mamma talar" was picked up by Swedish national radio in 1998. The following year, Abramis Brama made their album debut with "Dansa tokjävelns vals", and the band quickly released a string of acclaimed albums including the monumental "Rubicon" in 2005.

Abramis Brama carries on a tradition of heavy rock music, sung in Swedish, that started in the late 60's by bands and artists such as November and Pugh Rogefeldt. The band's influences range from the obvious forefathers and masters of the riff, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mountain and Cream, to a wide variety of music including Swedish folk.

"Enkel biljett", released in the spring of 2014, saw the band re-born, and in the liner notes Swedish linguist and tv personality Fredrik Lindström called Abramis Brama Sweden's most consistent band:

"In order to be consistent, you have to be confident. Abramis Brama sings about humanity, onus and existence with a burning commitment that would make Strindberg recant his words, that his fire was the biggest in Sweden."

Abramis Brama's "Tusen år" is distributed by Sound Pollution, with a simultaneous worldwide release on vinyl, CD and all digital platforms. Tour dates for the spring and summer will be announced in the forthcoming month.


Ulf Torkelsson - lead vocals, harmonica
Per-Olof Andersson - electric and acoustic guitars
Mats Rydström - bass, backing vocals
Fredrik Liefvendahl - drums, percussion, backing vocals



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