Xavier Toscano - Never Wanna Leave

You having little to no information about yourself to go off of really makes describing someone more difficult. For the case of Xavier Toscano (pronounced X-a-veer) is a pop artist with not much to go off of really but his music. Several releases in fact, he released an album just this year called "Feels So Good", which had a previous release called the "Never Wanna Leave Remixes" EP. The original version of the "Never Wanna Leave" track comes off the "Feels So Good" release.  But the track is also included off the EP remixer "Never Wanna Leave".

"Never Wanna Leave", the original version of this track off the "Feels So Good" release is the track being questioned. The track kicks off with this futuristic tone of beat, as the track continues onward it expands, more so sounding very dimensional.  Like it is likely a track you would hear being played at a late night club, if not even a rave scene set-up. That's the type of vibe it gives off for it. It progresses this EDM, techno rhythm that starts off kicking then pushes further throughout the track.  The music being by itself very mellow yet soothing at times, especially rounding down to the ending portion, it tones the melodies downward, then back upward again.

So the music is quite fair to say the least. While the vocal portion of the track is very clean cut. The production value being really high quality of sound. You can hear everything so clear and crisp, it is hard to tell if there are any mishaps at all really. But really there is not by the sounds of it anyway. Vocal chords wise for Xavier Toscano, his tone of voice is rather crafty. His ways with his vocals is well crafted as just said. He is able to drift the music afloat, causing it to flow throughout the track with such ease, it is impossible to resist his voice or the tone of melody coming from the music.
As for the lyrical content it is pretty obvious what this track is all about. "Never Wanna Leave", is about a relationship or some sort of love life for this guy or he is discussing one of someone else.

Whatever the case may be though, this track details this person's feelings, and how he expresses said feelings. He wants to show this other person how he feels, with not being able to leave or wanting to leave at all. That is truly the whole premise of this track, being there for someone, wanting them so much that they never want to leave.

As for the remixed EP release of "Never Wanna Leave". That release is purely just the same track done over  5 times, in different ways, by the various remixers who took hold of the track to do it their own fashion. Each version sounding unique, interesting, much more preserved for the club or rave scene for sure, while the original version just stays decent fair and true.

All in all though for Xavier Toscano he is another up-and-comer pop artist making music his thing. It shows swimmingly well thus far, and will continue to attract those who as he has said in this track "Never Wanna Leave" after listening.


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