Every Other Sunday - Ghost

Father's Day is just right around the corner, what better suited than a song from a band made up of a father and a son. This act is Every Other Sunday and they have written and recorded their debut song turned single called "Ghost".

So where did this track originate from exactly well according to the son of the band John R Corrado he remembers falling asleep to the sound of his dad another John in the family, except John C Corrado instead of the John R Corrado. He had recalled falling asleep to the sound of his dad drumming within the walls of their house hold. At this time his father was practicing for a handful of bands he was in at the time. Not just being involved in those acts but also taught how to play the drums to numerous individuals who had interest on top of it all. Son John R had grown up playing the drums of course, but would later switch between the bass and guitar. As time went on like years later in fact come 2015, a one off showcase together would inspire them to put together their love of music into a passionate driving force of a four piece act they would call Ever Other Sunday.

Since forming back then the band would go on like any other showcasing audiences big and small, what they can do. Showing off their infused beats of modern day music to classic music, ranging from anything to rock, pop, punk reggae, and blues throughout their home terrain. Nothing else left to do aside from playing shows than to write and record some type of works to call their own which is where their debut single "Ghost" comes into play. As it would be their alternative rock ballad of sorts, a perfect mixture that was truly haunting yet gripping from all sides of the music spectrum.

The song itself started off as an acoustic track, as John R had composed the song during the break up of a toxic relationship that left him in a dark place in his life. Feeling truly dead from the inside out. He would take the acoustic version re-arranging it for the electric version of the Every Other Sunday band. It would of course work out splendidly well, as it shows off a really explosive vibe for the band. Giving this dynamic tone for John R, as his singing tactics, song writing, and bass/guitar playing worked so well upon this track,  it rounded off to being a well crafted addition to the original version that was done acoustically as previously mentioned.

As said though this track may be a ballad of sorts but it maintains such a high energy ranking of explosive guts, that it makes the best of what it can do for it. All of the instrumentation and vocals used for it, just stand out so well. It blends together so flawlessly it becomes effortless at times when hearing it. Like there is no way that Every Other Sunday even created it, that is how well thought out and played out this track turns out. It is just built upon energy, you got an upbeat rhythm source, with catchy melodies playing on through, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy it at any time of day or night pretty much.

Every Other Sunday is a band that has come from a family that really embraces the passion, pride, and love for one another, as well as what they do as musicians. They work together as a family. showing off the real payoff through the love of music.


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