John Kaye and The Overlords - Terminal Heat

Hard rock act John Kaye and The Overlords, released a video for their track "Wicked Man" which would later be upon their latest and newest full-length album "Terminal Heat". "Wicked Man", being a decent track and introduction if you will to the rest of the material found upon "Terminal Heat", which includes such tracks as "Hold Out", "Long Night", "It Ain't Love", as well as "When You Hold Me", and "You're So Bad". These bunch of tunes are what sum up the release of "Terminal Heat". These selections are just the insight into how John Kaye and The Overlords work. Their style is hard rock flare with emotional touch, like take their writing abilities with lyrical context, it is mind bending, having the lyrics and music work off one another, really allows the music to create itself really. The vocal chords and instrumentals working well for themselves, as they continue to play off one another through each of these tracks, and the entire album as a whole. In short though "Terminal Heat" is a release of material that is decent quality, sounds terrific to the ear, and has a band behind it all to back it all up. John Kaye and The Overlords being an act that has their act together, and it shows well upon this "Terminal Heat" release plain and simple. "Terminal Heat" CD's are available at

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