Cerebellion Releases Video for "Cold"

Southern California’s Cerebellion releases official video for the song “Cold”. Taken from their sophomore album “Regeneration,” which further establishes the band’s ability to cross genres while maintaining a cohesive sound, ”Cold” emerged in a tight field as the choice for this release. Besides the song’s seductive groove and dynamic musicality, topically it addresses a serious issue in our current social environment: the over-stimulation of our minds as a result of easy access to information. The video portrays an extreme version of this…  

The video opens with a room engulfed in fire, which quickly cuts to a young man sitting in an empty room watching TV. The music begins with a tight guitar groove followed by a subtle vocal melody. After a brief moment of calm, “Cold” abruptly transitions into a blistering explosion of sound, coincided by images of the young man fixating on what he sees on the screen, which appears to change him in some way.

In his directorial debut, Ian Mora (Alternate Sound of Life) does an amazing job capturing the essence of “Cold.” The band was approached by Ian several months before the song choice was even decided upon. “When Ian first came to us about directing the video, it was a no brainer,” says Joe Arnold (vocalist). “He had done quite a bit of video work but no music videos yet. However, we know Ian and have been longtime fans of his band Alternate Sound of Life. The guy is an incredible artist whom we admire and we were honored to be approached about this collaboration. We got really excited to see where he was going to take the project.”


5/1/17 – Black Light District Lounge, Long Beach, CA
5/20/17 – Karman Bar, Laguna Niguel, CA

Check it out over HERE.

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