Awaken The Empire Give Details On New Album

Awaken The Empire formerly known as Delta Wave that had released a previous single "We Control The Lights" changed their name back to it's originality Awaken The Empire. That lead them to include new members as well as further details including their signing on to Another Century Records and Street Smart Management.

But it doesn't stop there, the band went on to write and record for what would be their debut album and follow-up to previous debut EP "The Awakening" (2011) along with such singles as "Savior", "The Awakening", "Rise and Fall", "Know Your Place", and "Cross My Heart", called "Auroa", due out this summer on July 24th 2015. The first single and video off the album has been released and is called "Insomniacs Unite" which can be heard and seen HERE.

The band has given the following statement in regards to their album's announcement; "We have been waiting FOREVER to make this announcement! THANK YOU to everyone that has supported our band, and our dreams! We love you INSOMNIACS!"

Adding on that "Awaken The Empire is more than just a band. We are a movement. We are here to inspire people to fight for their dreams, and fight to have their voices heard. Our new record, Aurora, is the product of that fight. We have been through an unbelievable amount of ups and downs in the years making this album, and we've had everything taken away from us, both physically, and emotionally. Through it all, the one constant for us, the light at the end of the tunnel, was this record coming out. The chance to have our message heard. We are here to make a statement, and Aurora is that statement. Aurora is that message." - Damien Lawson.

The album was produced by Erik Ron whose done work with such acts as Panic! At The Disco, New Years Day, and Motionless In White. Expect the album's tracklisting, pre-orders, and further singles and videos to be coming soon! For now check out the album's potential artwork!

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