Sepultura Does More than Celebrate with their 30 Year Touring Cycle

Who would have ever thought that an act of any sort would have surpassed 30 long years? In this case it was Brazillian/American metallers, Sepultura! Doing a celebration of sorts of their 30 year existence with the release of a new song dedicated to the fan base that has always been there called "Sepultura Under My Skin" as well as going on a 5-week trek of a tour alongside some supporting acts of all sorts and sizes!

The tour only being a 5 week trek as mentioned doesn't seem long to some but to Sepultura's guitarist Andreas he says it's just enough for the band to get themselves out there for the U.S. fans to witness. Thus the second day of this touring cycle has begun at the infamous Whisky A Go Go venue in Hollywood, California with a believe it or not but a sold out show! Yes this showcase was indeed sold out spanning a 6-hour night of acts, including 2 local acts which were Thrown Into Exile and New Eden. Thrown Into Exile brought upon their thrashy yet heavy metal styled inspirations while New Eden was that power metal act that kept the harmony of the music alive and well. New Eden have got that skill that kept the music highly entertaining let alone enlightening of sorts as well. All of the members a part of the act did their job, performing a solid set of songs with some stylish take on the music itself, being power metal except being more unique than the average power metal act.

New Eden:

After the local acts was the sorted set of acts that were a part of this tour, from Micawber, Boris The Blade, Arsis, and not one but two headliners Destruction and Sepultura themselves of course! Now the guys in Miawber played death metal and they played it right, the instrumentals were clean cut sounding, with the vocal chords not that far off either. Everyone within the band played their role the right way, making the music sound crisp, clear, and pretty darn perfect to boot. Whereas Boris The Blade mixture's blending of hardcore meets heavy metal, was heavy but could have been better off. Their presents with the audience on the other hand, was rather boring, not one person was really entertained by their set-up, surely the crowd did take a liking at times, even when the singer himself jumped into the crowd, to get the mosh pit up and running, the audience themselves were pleased but not as much as the acts before and after these guys. So case in point, better step up the game just a tad you guys in Boris The Blade, if you want the crowd to get interacting more effectively!


Arsis was next bringing on another douse of death metal adrenaline with their set list going rather quickly as the mosh pit picked up a bit, never really stopping it seemed. Everyone got pushed around no matter the area of space you were in. These guys did do a good job of performing though, the crowd was pleased and enjoyed their setlist from the start to the finish, these guys never being one to disappoint.



1. The Recently Deceased
2. We Are The Nightmare
3. The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
4.The Promise Of Never
5. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
6. Wholly Night

7. The Face Of My Innocence

Lastly were of course the two different headliners first up was German thrashers Destruction who really got everyone going at one another, everyone in the mosh pit, kept at it non-stop! Everywhere you looked people were jumping, headbanging, mosh pitting, it was a free for all entertainment time! The guys in Destruction never missing a beat, but continuing it on and on, it seemed that it would never end at times, but sadly it did. But in the end these guys always bring it when they hit L.A. There style is fast, heavy, catchy, and one that will keep you banging your head to every beat!


1. Intro
2. Curse The Gods
3. Thrash Til Death
4. Nailed to the Cross
5. Mad Butcher
6. Armageddonizer
7. Eternal Ban
8. Carnivore
9. Invincible Force
10. The Butcher Strikes Back
11. Bestial Invasion
12. The Damned (Plasmatrics Cover)

Surely last but definitely not least was indeed Sepultura! These guys having been around for as long as they have were the act that everyone was waiting for and they brought it! What is "it"? It was the force, energy, and drive of their music and presents of being there, that got the crowd excited. The whole floor of the mosh pit opened up bigger than ever before, as everyone in there was running in a circle or pushing one another from side to side, it was an exciting and fun time to bear witness too!
As far as their setlist goes, a lot of the old and new material blended well together, they did sang that special dedication tune they made and dedicated in this setlist to the fans out there that night, the fans were pleased as could be and so were the band. The band themselves in this case, did a good job of performing, they jumped, walked around the stage, just getting their sweat, blood, and tears out there, really showcasing what they can do, still after all of these years and it shows pleasantly well.


1. The Vatican
2. Kairos
3. Propaganda
4. Breed Apart
5. Manipulation of Tragedy
6. Mindwar
7. Convicted in Life
8. Attitude
9. Dialog
10. Sepultura Under My Skin
11. From the Past Comes the Storms
12. Territory
13. Arise
14. Refuse/Resist
15. The Curse
16. Bestial Devastation
17. Ratamahatta
18. Orgasmatron  (Motörhead Cover)
19. Polícia (Titãs Cover)
20. Roots Bloody Roots

All in all, Sepultura, and the rest of the acts being a part of this touring cycle was a bill not to be missed! Each act did their own thing to impress the crowd, showing off their musical skills in any way that they could and it showed, no matter which way you looked at it, the band up there, made everyone down there happy.

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