Icon For Hire - Scripted

There have been a variety of women in rock music, one's that come to mind who were most popular by today's standards would probably be frontwomen Gwen Stefani of old school ska punk act No Doubt and then new comers Paramore with their frontwomen Haley Williams. Well those women aren't the only one's sparking interest, there's a few more within the mix, Los Angeles locals Stitched Up Heart's Mixi and New Year's Day's Ash. So who else is left well it just so happens that Icon For Hire has a frontwomen of their very own, Ariel and they just released their debut full-length “Scripted”.

Since their signing with Tooth and Nail Records the band has gone on to release two videos and two singles "Make A Move", and "Get Well", but aside from those "The Grey", "Off With Her Head" and "Theatre" all have a solid sound that's rather upbeat and catchy. Ariel has some powerful pipes on her and can put Haley Williams to rest. As far as "Scripted" is concerned is it a solid source of sound that each of the instruments has their own role to partake in. The guitar riffs are crisp and clear while the bass lines stay in check and the drumming is flawless from start to finish and Ariel just brings it altogether.

Somebody made a move and no one could have done it any better than Icon For Hire.

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