Motionless In White's "Immaculate Misconception'" World Premiere Video!

FEARnet is proud to present the premiere of their latest video "Immaculate Misconception," which is not only one of the most brutal tracks on the album but is also guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows for its provocative content. The clip depicts a religious group shouting insults at the band – a situation which Chris said is a common occurrence, especially via the Internet. "It's a constant stream," he said. "At shows, the usual hater or religious figure will approach me... I'm more than willing to talk to them and discuss our feelings, but unfortunately nine times out of ten they won't even let me get a word in, because they aren't interested in hearing what I have to say. They only care about trying to shove what they believe down my throat." His ultimate response as an artist was to fight fire with fire: "If what happened in the video was a real-life scenario, I would do the same thing," he said. "It's about time that Motionless In White and myself become the villains we are made out to be... needless to say, it felt good."

At the same time, Chris also wanted to stress that the song's message is still positive, encouraging listeners to find their own sense of self-worth. "We don't discriminate against anyone, regardless of the way they look, their faith, sexuality, or race. Believe it or not, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jesus Christ, yet despite all these very moral and positive vibes, we are still constantly ripped apart for being who we are... which sounds really similar to what happened to the man who these people criticizing us have put all their faith in."
The director shares that philosophy: "We have no intent of being blasphemous or irreverent," Cody said. "Someone somewhere is going to be pissed off, and those people are probably the ones Chris wants to piss off... but everyone else shouldn't be offended."

In conclusion, Chris clarified that the portrayal of the protesters in the video isn't meant to represent his view of religion in general. "My band and myself are completely aware that not all Christians or followers of any religion are close-minded," he explained. "I don't want anyone watching this video to feel like they should be angry towards every person of any faith, or that we are attacking their faith directly. The song is very plainly written about the people who abuse God's name by using it to profit or cause harm to others, emotionally or physically. More importantly, it's a call to arms to any person in this world to come stand together and fight the ignorance that halts the progression of mankind."

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