Crimson Ivy Youarewho again?

How do we know who we are? Is it that hard to sink inside of ourselves and locate what exactly makes us all so unique? In this case we all know what makes musicians unqiue. They ways with music. Being able to craft together amazing guitar leads with mix-matching riffs with ground-breaking solos to balance the whole string section out. The same goes for the vocalists and drummers as well as the bassists out there, all of them wanting one goal in life. To take over the world! To which brings us to an act unlike any other, one noted as Crimson Ivy, with "Yourarewho." Taking a step into their world and entering the master minding effects of what making music is all about. Crimson Ivy takes the listeners to a whole new level when it comes to this record, each of the songs sounding so much alike at times but maintains to stay away from blending into one another. Like for instance "AmericanScream," showcases the band's alternative routes with gothic gloom to make that unique affect more noticable. Whereas "Solvents," "Wonderer," and "Still," all seem to craft together a mixture of rock n roll with a hard hit of eletricity that sends static running in and out of your body, shocking your blood making it boil over with such pressure its unbearable to listen to all the rest. Crimson Ivy presents themselves in their own way and it shows and this band is by far one that will continue to stand out and soon explode with the rest of the world's wacky music.

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