It Was All a Dream

The night is cold with a comforting warmth fills the air, as the crowd waiting inside grows impatient. A handful lined up just outside the Roxy, one of the many clubs that a line the famous Sunset Strip. Located in the one and only Hollywood, California where all the fun and excitement occurs. But tonight is a night of specialties because this night is the last time we will be seeing heavy metal/rock n roll sensation The Dreaming. For they wish to full fill their desires of creating new material for our listening ears to enjoy, just as much as we did their first achievement “Etched in Blood.”

The Dreaming combines a raw intensity of energy when it comes to performing, displaying in jumping hypertonic matter a 35 minute set list of energetic motions and movements. Singing loud and clear the many sights and shouts of “Dead to Me,” “Sticks and Stones,” "Bullet," "Ugly (Beautiful)," "Let it Burn," "Disconnected," "Make It Go Away," and "Send Me an Angel," a handful of songs that got the audience begging for more!

During the set front man Christopher Hall mentions “I’ve been singing “Dead to Me,” over 7,000 times, if I have to sing it one more time I’ll put a bullet in my head.” Going off into the reminder of their set as the crowd watching in amazement cheered for the new beginning of what The Dreaming has in store for us really soon.

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