Count Your Blessing Interview

Count Your Blessing's is the latest addition to the music scene having unleashed upon the world their latest release "Like Gum In Your Hair," to grab everyone's attention in an instant so check out what Antonio and the rest of the guys had to say about their latest CD and upcoming plans for the 2009 year!

1. Being brand new and upcoming to the world of music out what is the first thing you'd like everyone to know about you?

Antonio: Well First Off.... were not your normal Pop/Punk band. Like with every band most of them dislike labeling. As far as we go we take from so many musical styles and blend them together. Its just a big orgy of influences. We like to party and have a good time..Our goal when we started was just to make feel good music everybody can just jam too and that's what this band is about!!!

2. What was the whole package deal when it come to recording your newest installment "Like Gum In Your Hair," and what the crazy title for it?

Antonio: Well we recorded our album with Paul Leavitt in Baltimore which is only 20 min from where we live so that was sweet. We went into the studio for 10 days and knocked it out! When coming up for a name for the album we were tossing around alot of ideas. Then we came up with "Like Gum In Your Hair," the meaning behind it is the way when you have gum in your hair its stuck and cant get out. So the thought was that our music sticks in your head and you cant get it out hence "Like Gum In Your Hair."

3. There are many bands I've interviewed and a lot of them haven't even been together that long and tend to be concerned about making it big as a band, what do you think?

Antonio: You know what. Do we wanna get big? Do we wanna make alot of money? Sure, who dosen't? But all of us have an undying love for playing shows and creating music. Were 5 best friends and if we just have the chance to stay out on the road and just play that's all we really care about. If we play in front of 5 or 5,000 it dosen't matter. We don't care if we eat easy mac and peanut butter for the rest of our lives. ITS THE BEST FEELING JUST BEING OUT ON THE ROAD AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE!!!!

4. Do you plan to tour a lot in support of this record?

Antonio: Yea we love the road. The plan is too stay out there indefinite....

5. Any ideas of who may be joining you along for the ride? I was thinking maybe seeing you and Freshman 15 touring together.

Antonio: Yea were heading out in May with Honor Bright and Stages & Stereos.Also some pretty sweet tours this summer that were announcing soon.So check out the myspace for details!

6. Any plans for 2009 yet?

Antonio: We just plan to stay out on the road for the rest of the year!!!! Tearing up the states along the way!!!!

7. How did StandBy Records come to you and sign you?

Antonio: Well we did an EP that came out last June! And we got alot of copies made....and we went out on Warped Tour hitting up the lines and just walking around everyday selling our shit and getting our names out there.One of there scouts saw us and they hit us up not too long after! We had other offers but after meeting with the guys at standby it just felt right.There really cool dudes!

8. When performing on stage is there a certain side you like being on or just like moving all over.

Antonio: Wow, if you ever get a chance to catch our live show. It will answer that for you.We can not stay in one place for more than 10 seconds.Were all over the place including up on bars, hanging from the sealing, swinging from speakers etc....

9. Whats your top 5 favorite albums to date?

Antonio - Faith No More (The Real Thing)

Judson - The Starting Line (Say It Like You Mean It)

Kenny - New Found Glory (Self Titled)

Mikey - Justice (Cross)

Miller - Between The Buried And Me (The Anatomy Of)

10. Any final words you'd like to leave us with?

Antonio: Yea everyone needs to come out and come to a show this spring/summer and party with us. BYOB. P.S. Check out our myspace soon for a really sweet cover were going to be putting out.haha

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