Impending Doom Interview

Impending Doom shall we not be scared by hearing this name? I think not because that what it is, is just a name right? Impending Doom's bassist talks to me about the band's upcoming plans and newest album set to be unleashed upon the masses soon!

1. How did the name come about?

David: Our lead singer thought of basically he liked the name “doom” but doom is already a band name, so the name came to him one night because it means without God our lives on Earth are impending doom.

2. How is the current album going?

David: Good it comes out in 2 days out on Tuesday.

3. How did the title, artwork, and lyrics come about?

David: The title with the first song we wrote was a while ago back in June and we started playing it on the last tour and after that tour we had to think about the new album and then named the album after it. And our singer Brooke and had an idea of how he wanted it to look.

4. When did the band form?

David: Our first show was October 31st 2005 and the band formed in 2005 as well and we’ve been going strong ever since.

5. When was the first show you played?

David: Well I’m not a originally member I joined 6 months after the band started, and my first show was performed in Coroa,California at the Showcase Theater I was pretty nervous, and that show was with All Shall Perish and The Faceless and Underneath The Gun I’m not too sure but it was fun.

6. How’s the current tour going?

David: It’s going good, it’s a pretty long tour 6 weeks but everyday was pretty insane but the dudes of The Acacia Strain and Bleeding Through are super nice and fun to hang out with so it’s been a great tour.

7. Any technical difficulties during your performance?

David: Oh yeah happens all the time like a cable will go out or break a string that’s the most common one, that’s why you have to have a back up guitar handy.

8. What do you prefer seeing while performing, hardcore dancers or mosh pits?

David: Mosh Pit, not a fan of hardcore dancing if you have crush pits and everyone jumping just everyone having a good time.

9. How you getting along with everyone?

David: Pretty good no bad vibes really. We’ve known As Blood Runs Black, and The Acacia Strain for a couple of years now so it’s been fun hanging with them but Bleeding Through we never met until this tour but they’re accepting and nice dudes.

10. What are your plans after this tour?

David: We have a month off and then we do a week in Mexico and then come home for 3 weeks and then start our headlining tour in June. It will be us and Carnifex for sure.

11. Did you do anything for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter?

David: St. Patrick’s Day we played a show, and everybody in that city was running around drunk and wearing green and Easter probably be with my family.

12. Any final thoughts or comments?

David: Pick up our CD when it comes out “The Serpent Servant,” and yeah check it out!

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