Trap Them Interview

An interview with Ryan McKenney:

Please introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Trap Them, and how long the band has been together?

My name is Ryan McKenney. I do the vocals and write all of the lyrics. Trap Them has been a full functioning band for about two years at this point, maybe a little longer. You tend to lose track of time when you're doing what you enjoy.

Where is the band from and what is the hardcore scene like there?

The band is split up between the east and west coast. Two of us (myself and Steve Lacour) live in Seattle. Brian and Mike live in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, respectively. Seattle has a great scene. Everyone likes to talk shit and act better than everyone else, so it's basically your typical underground scene. I can't say much about New England's scene because I'm not living out there anymore, but I will say that both our areas have some great bands that I highly respect and most of those great bands don't get half the appreciation they deserve. Do I sound bitter yet?

Is there any story or concept behind your CD title "Seizures In Barren Praise"?

There's no story greater than everyday life, and that's what these songs are about.

What do you know and think of Romania?

I want to go there. I'd also like to drink a human's blood. I think playing a show in Romania is more plausible than becoming a vampire, but a guy's gotta have a dream, right? Eastern Europe has always been a spot where I'd like to visit and I'm glad this band has given me the opportunity to see a few of the countries I've always read about.

Who did the artwork on the new CD "Seizures In Barren Praise" and how much input did you have on it?

Jake Bannon did the amazing artwork for the new record. The cover art is absolutely beautiful. Jake asked for a little of my input, but when you're working with an extremely talented artist, you feel more comfortable letting him allow his own wheels to turn and incorporate his own ideas into the finished piece. Jake was very respectful in hearing my vision and I think it shows. We wanted the artwork to replicate the music: dark, epic and iconic. The final creation is flawless.

Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

Who cares? The 21st Century is the Satan of the 21st Century. We're all bound to fuck each other over anyways. Whether or not MySpace has a part of it has no bearing on me.

Where did you get ideas and inspirations for some of the lyrics on "Seizures In Barren Praise"?

All of the lyrics are directly influenced by real life, whether it's mine or someone else's. It's all fiction, yet, it's all non-fiction. There are no barriers when you are spinning stories, because at some point, it will all be truth.

What are your future plans for Trap Them?

To touch every possible continent, reach as many people as we can, and to continue writing albums we enjoy so that the blue-facers have something to talk shit about. Basically, this band just want to rage.

What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

I'll vote when my option is better than choosing the lesser of two evils. I'll let everyone else get the political bug. I stand firm in saying they're all crooks and the outcome of these elections has no bearing on my life. Fuck 'em all.

What would you compare your music too, out of the varitey of bands out there?

We're a heavy band. I don't want to compare us to other bands, because we're not trying to emulate any other bands. We enjoy the music we make, and there are influences taken from every facet of the distorted globe. I think kids get too caught up on trying to compare one band to another. You know what? I'm no fucking jock and I'm not making music to compete. Leave that shit on the high school football fields. If you like a band, you like a band. Quit looking for faults or reasons to pick the songs apart or relate them to other bands of past or present. It's just stupid.

What bands have you toured with? Are there any that you would definetely want to tour with?

In the past year, we've had the pleasure of touring with many bands we enjoy and respect. Disfear, Rotten Sound, Victims, Extreme Noise Terror, Modern Life Is War, and more I can't think of at the moment. We'd love to tour with Entombed (of course), Young Widows, Dismember, Coliseum, etc. The list goes on and on. We're music lovers and enjoy every tour we go on.

Describe your music to an elderly church lady.

Everything wrong with the world today wrapped up in one tightly distorted little package that will send you back to the confession booth just for speaking to me.

When you look back on when Trap Them first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

It's what I've always wanted to do, and I'm thankful to be given the opportunities we have. We've worked hard, and now in our (older) age we've had the chance to experience it all paying off. I'll do this til my back gives out and I have to hang up the mic. How can you complain about going to work every day doing exactly what you've always wanted?

Any final words of wisdom, thoughts or comments?

Thanks very much for the interview. Let's fucking rage. Don't vote!

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