Bleeding Through Interview

An interview with Brian Leppke:

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Brian and I play guitar for Bleeding Through.

How long has the band been together?

The band has been aroung since 1999, I have been in the band since 2001.

Have you guys ever thought of doing a tour based on how long you've been going strong? Like Bleeding Through has been together for 10 years now and are you going to go on tour and celebrate that?

No, not really, I think it just hit us that we have been a band for that long, time flies. That's a good idea though.

What's it like being apart of the No Fear Music Tour, alongside Bullet For My Valentine, Cancer Bats & Black Tide, what do you think?

This tour is cool, there are a lot of people that don't really know who we are and that is a good thing, reaching out to new people is something that we always strive for. All the bands are cool, everyone gets along, it is a very long tour though and a lot of the days seem to blend together.

Is there going to be a new live DVD in the works anytime soon?

Yeah, I really want to do another one, we haven't really talked about it, I think that we are going to try and figure out all of our label stuff right now and then take it from there, but yeah it will probably be in the works. It's always kinda cool to see yourself live and to hear what you really sound like.

What idea and concept came to mind with your new record "Declaration"? How do you compare it to your previous works? Is it a much grown up album or in the same space?

The idea with "Declaration" was just to do a really heavy record and say fuck it, do whatever we wanted and not worry about what people said, to write songs that we would enjoy listening to. It is a much more mature record from our previous works, our past albums all had a lot of potential but was never executed properly, with this album we actually had the time and an atmosphere to acheive potential. I'm still listening to it six months after the fact, I can't say that about "The Truth" or "This is Love, This is Murderous".

What are the future plans for Bleeding Through?

Europe/UK tour with Bullet For My Valentine November/December, 4 shows in Russia December, Austrailia January, US headliner February/March! That's all that is set in stone right now

What do you know and think of Romania?

The only thing I really know about Romania is that Dracula is from there, that is pretty sweet. We have never played there, would like to.

What was it like to go out on tour with HIM?

That tour was actually really good for us, I think that we turned a lot of heads. I think that if people are really fans of music and if the music is good then why not like it if its a little different, you can't always listen to the same shit all the time.

Have you guys thought about doing the Taste Of Chaos Tour?

Have thought about it, it never happened, oh well.

What's your most favorite place to perform or go when out on the road?

Austrailia, UK, California, Spain, Japan those are my favorites for shows, good vibes, everyone seems to have a good time.

What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

All I know is that whoever does get elected has a huge ass mess to deal with thanks to Bush, so whoever is more commited to doing that, more power to them.

Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show?

I would like to and we actually practiced one but our music doesn't tanslate well to acoustic, maybe we could do something like that in the future.

Are there any bands that you would definitely want to tour with?

We've already toured with Slayer so I could care less about touring with anyone ever again.

Describe your music to an elderly church lady.

You wouldn't like it.

Any other thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Greetings to Romanina, hopefully we will see you soon!

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