Daybreak Ends Interview

1. Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in Daybreak Ends, and how long the band has been together.

My name is Greg Daybreak and I am the vocalist of Daybreak Ends. The band has been together since October of 2004.

2. Where is the band from and what is the metal scene like there?

We are from Hollywood, CA and the scene here is not that great.
There are a lot of bands and the market here is very saturated.
There is so much to do here that going to a show is low on priorities
for a lot of people. Its too bad because there are a lot of great bands
but when venues try to make bands pay to play it makes it hard to
weed out the poor bands from the great ones.

3. Is there any story or concept behind your CD title "Perfect Tragedy"?

All of the lyrics to the songs are very open ended so that people can
get what they want out of the song. Sometimes relationships can be a Perfect Tragedy
in that the entire relationship seems to be damned at the start but something still
draws you close to the other person and that one thing outweighs the bad.
It can be a very tragic situation.

4. What do you know and think of Romania?

I know about Bran Castle and that Vlad III The Impaler was imprisoned there. I dont know much else except it was a former communist country.

5. Who did the artwork on the new CD and how much input did you have on

Our buddy Spotty did our CD artwork and you can find more of his stuff at

We told him what we wanted and he exceeded our expectations. He is awesome!

6. Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

I wouldn't call it Satan but it is definitely a technological version of crack rock
its super addictive and takes control of a persons live in a way
Its a great thing for artists though and we have met a lot of great people on it.

7. Where did you get ideas and inspirations for some of the lyrics on
"Perfect Tragedy"?

Life in general forms the songs. I listen to the songs and then open my mind and the
lyrics come out. It is a sort of subconscious way of writing and it has worked out well for me

8. What are your future plans for Daybreak Ends?

We are going to be recording a new EP in November and then we will be touring again
and supporting the CD. We hope to keep building our fan base and getting more recognition for
what we do!

9. What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like
any of the candidates?

All of Daybreak Ends supports Obama. I hope he wins because we need a new direction
for the US. The world sees us in such a poor way and electing someone who wants change
will show them that we are trying to make amends for the poor choice the US made 8 years ago and
4 years ago.

10. Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show, like most bands
turn to from time to time.

Yeah we would have to rework our songs but I think acoustic is very heartfelt and
means a lot. Hopefully someday.

11. Currently all over the news is the out-raging gas prices, what are
your thoughts on that issue?

Well the US is in two wars right now and the people in charge of the country are involved in
big oil combined with the fact that speculators are causing the prices to fluctuate so much.
The US has a lot more issues than gas prices though.

12. What bands have you toured with? Are there any that you would
definetely want to tour with?

We have always toured by ourselves but we have played with many great bands that
we had a great time with. We have played with The Fall of Troy, Lower Definition, Catherine, Endwell,
Powerman 5000, Scarlet Grey, Cage 9, Bella Morte, and many more and would love to play with
any of them again!

13. What do you think about all these different sub cultures such as
"emo kids, scene kids, metal-heads, punks, goths, etc?"

Its all rock and roll to me. I think its great that a person can try to find their
identity and if they are happy with the group they are in then more power to them.
I listen to all types of music so I think I am a part of all groups.
You have to keep an open mind in life. You see so much more if you do.

14. When you look back on when Daybreak Ends first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

We are a lot better band with more focus. We have found our direction and after lineup changes
we have the guys that will make the band successful.

15. Any final words of wisdom, thoughts or comments?

Thanks for listening to us and supporting us. New CD will be coming soon and check us out

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