KRISIUN – Launch “Necronomical” Video


Brazil’s kings of death metal Armageddon KRISIUN continue to promote their latest studio album, Mortem Solis, released worldwide via Century Media Records last year.
Today, KRISIUN are pleased to release a brand-new video for the album track “Necronomical”, which was created by Joao Mauricio Leonel / Biruta Filmes.

KRISIUN guitarist Moyses Kolesne commented: “Doing the video clip for ‘Necronomical’ was very interesting and cool for us. It was awesome bringing in all those elements involved with the Necronomicon book like the ritual, magic and some type of horror atmosphere like in the ‘Evil Dead’ movie or even some Morbid Angel vibes too. This song’s music is also a bit different from what we normally do, but still a brutal, marching-forward kind of death metal. It’s really fast and technical in the middle section, but with an intro that takes you back for the 80’s golden years of heavy metal in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary Of A Madman’ album. We hope all metalheads out there will enjoy watching this clip as much as we did creating it! Also, don’t miss us on our upcoming European tour with labemates Baest starting’s gonna be a brutal tour, so make sure to show up prepared!”

Check it out here:

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