Halloween 45 Years of Terror Returns After a Bid Farewell to the 40th Year Celebration


It’s been 45 years since the release of 1978’s HALLOWEEN film. So long it has been, time has gone and gone, and so has the form of an annual convention, that has been taking place since celebrating the 25th year of the film’s release. All the way up until now in its 45th year, with hoping in the next five years a celebration of the 50th anniversary will happen for the film.

But for now, the 45th year has come forth, with creator, organizer, founder, Sean Clark, put together this convention once again, after stating that the 40th year celebration would be the last but yet here we are again. This time, quite a bit of guests made appearances, including some first time guests, from the various Halloween film franchise, dating back to the original classic 1978 Halloween, to Halloween II, Halloween II Season of the Witch, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween 6, Halloween H20, Halloween Resurrection, Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake and Halloween II remakes, as well as the Halloween trilogy from 2018 with Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Various actors coming forth to celebrate, doing panels, meet and greets, fans dressing up as various characters, vendors selling merchandise, food options even available down at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, California.


This convention always taking place out in Pasadena at its convention center, both in its original location and the new location across the court yard. Both locations doing a good job of spreading the awareness of Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise as a whole really. This year was no different though, fans from all over the globe came out, getting things signed, talking to other fans, meeting guests, buying items, sharing stories, asking questions, it was all around horror goodness throughout. Pasadena being the base for the first film’s filming locations, with other sequel films sharing some locations as well, hence why this city is so popular for the film as a whole, still housing the original Michael Myers house even to this very day!

Being in attendance since the first for the 25th anniversary up until now for the 45th, has brought on many memories, good times, and this time around was just as fun and entertaining as the last few years have been. May be the same old story, but still remembered for a film that has caught the eyes and ears of many generations, since its release back in 1978, it being known only as HALLOWEEN.

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