Hanabie Conclude U.S. Tour with Sold Out Show at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood!


Japan, one of the most popular destinations of tourists, music, media, if not more. But in recent forms music and media in the forms of anime especially and music have become very popular and even well known across the seas into other parts of the world.

In fact, music has particularly made its way across the seas as of recent with such acts as BabyMetal, PassCode, and Hanabie to do recent touring n the US. Hanabie or HANABIE formed in 2015 out of Tokyo, Japan, releasing a couple of albums and an EP, leading to recognition and appearances at various music festivals outside of Japan.

This has lead them to tour in the US. for the first time this year in the fall of 2023, starting back in September going into October, performing 21 dates total! Wrapping up said tour would conclude in of all places Los Angeles County in the famous Hollywood, California on the infamous Sunset Strip at the corner spot venue the Whisky A Go Go!

Selling the show out of course, and packing it in, that it is possibly over sold, the floor and upstairs areas were wall to wall crazy packed. The band had gone on around 9PM, the precise timing of my arrival actually. After arriving inside, picking up some merchandise, then heading back downstairs into the sea of the crowd, I jumped in, whilst snapping some photos with camera and phone, and then had a rather sweaty time.

This band isn't your typical Japanese pop idol group, they are more heavily based, blending heavy metal, punk, rock, some pop, but more metalcore based than anything. The four piece girl group, did a splendid job, getting the crowd overly excited, overjoyed, and just outright crazy!


The mosh pit which was a stand still at the start, opened up in various parts, the very front at the front of the stage broke out into a pit, with the back of the crowd, opening up their own pit, with every individual there soaked from head to toe in bodily juices, literally clothes and all. It was gross, extremely hot, but well worth it. I too got involved in the "baby" mosh pits at times, embracing that soaked atmosphere of the moshing craziness.

The band themselves though, kept the energy of the performance maintained, energized, yet entertaining. The crowd was again very welcoming, and just so happy to see this band from so far away in such a small yet sold out setting. The band interacting with the crowd, even having the singer crowd surf, to wanting everyone to sing along, clapping hands, to even having a wall of death mosh pit occur at one point.

It was an all sorts type of night really. It was fun, energetic, never let off so much angst and energy like that at a show for a bit. Surely seeing Hanabie live is a mush see at least once. The Japanese music scene is catching on to many, and these girls is one act to follow through on for many more years to come forth for them.


1. Choujigen Galaxy
3. Genkai Numa Life
4. Kotoshi koso Gal~Shoka ver.~
5. Warbing!!
6. Reiwa Matching-sedai
7. Ware Amatou
8. LOVE Ranbu
9. Tales of Villain
11. Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu.
12. Today's Good Day And So Epic
13. L.C.G

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