Overkill Thrashes Way into the O.C. with a Scorching Set-Up!


East coast thrashers Overkill have made their way currently upon their summer tour titled “Scorching The Earth U.S. Tour”. Taking place across a majority of the month of July, with their friends and label mates in Exhorder and Heathen. Making a stop at the happiest place on earth, no not Disneyland but it’s home base Anaheim, California is where the tour would stop, arriving at the The Grove of Anaheim venue, next to Angel’s baseball stadium.

Doors would open at 6PM allowing fans lined up along its building to head inside, openers of the evening being Sunlord, whose performance was powerful yet brief. Their set being roughly around 20 to 30 minutes, performing an array of tracks, that were catching yet entertaining as well. The crowd of arrivals were pleased with their performance regardless.


Next up would be Heathen, whose thrash metal elements were intense yet welcoming. The crowd getting into the grove of their presents, nodding their heads, to pushing one another along to the beat of it all. The songs were fast and very catchy, that there was no stopping them, except their set time but they kept that energy true and heavy.


Exhorder would be next and they were another thrash metal act with more punk based influence during their material, a lot of their workings being instrumental. But they did provide an entertaining set, the music being thrash metal like, the crowd taking it all in. All there really bobbing their heads to the beat, while others pushed one another, they brought the momentum that kept everyone in check.


Headliners of the night was Overkill, and they brought it. It just being everything really, that angst, energy, and pure adrenaline rush, that had been active for the past almost 45 years now. With the band going on to release a new album just this year titled “Scorched”, it shows how much the crowd enjoyed the new working’s as well as the old working’s too. A lot of the songs sung would include new one’s like “Scorched”, “The Surgeon”, along with many classics such as “Coma”, “Horrorscope”, “Mean, Green, Killing Machine”, “Rotten to the Core” and “Overkill”. The band’s frontman being in his 60’s still can play and sing rather nicely, with the rest of the band, doing just as good of a job. Even the audience admired the performance antics. Surely the crowd kept the crowd surfers flowing, and mosh pit crowd circulating, with the rest banging their heads, to singing along, all there were impressed with what was done here tonight.


All in all really, Overkill and the rest of the acts, brought on something that kept all there pleased, energized, and well entertained. Wanting likely more, if not begging for more, more than once, that is how much fun all was had with a band like Overkill, a little band that could and has done for a long time coming.


1. Scorched
2. Bring Me the Night
3. Electric Rattlesnake
4. Hello From the Gutter
5. Powersurge
6. Wicked Place
7. Coma
8. Horrorscope
9. Long Time Dyin’
10. The Surgeon
11. Mean, Green, Killing Machine
12. Ironbound
13. Elimination
14. Overkill
15. Rotten to the Core
16. Fuck You (The Subhumans Cover Song)

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