Jurassic World LIVE Tour Roars into the LA Area

Back in 2019 Feld Entertainment and NBC Universal would create a live stage show of one of Universal’s proprieties being Jurassic World, which is an extension of Jurassic Park. Since it’s extensive 6-film series, and the popularity growing ever so bigger. A live arena type of stage show would likely happen and it did in the US. in 2019, then 2020 came to a stand still, only to have the show return yet again sometime later.

Touring across the U.S. would commence and it would sooner rather than later make it’s way to sunny Southern California, hitting up the Crypto.com Arena, formerly known as the Staples Center. Set in Downtown Los Angeles, several shows were set for the weekend towards the almost end of July, lots of kids, families, and adults alike, would scurry to the arena for said shows.

Myself and some friends attended the afternoon performance that weekend, it featuring lights, fire, sounds, and of course dinosaurs! The story revolving around Jurassic World and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, had scientists and interns being on Jurassic World’s land, helping dinosaurs, whilst the park was up and running. But after an incident took place and dinosaurs went on a rampage, the park would close, and the team would flee the land. But they would only come to return to rescue the dinosaurs left behind somewhat.


A lot of stunt work was done, featuring numerous motorcycles, athletics, and fight work too. Dinosaurs entered the arena at time’s, getting the crowd’s reaction to be stunned and pleased. A lot of favorites were featured, including the T-Rex and raptors. While others were shown as well, getting a total reaction from all there. The dinosaurs and actors in general were fun to witness and a show to experience for all ages.  Lots of action, music, and excitement throughout really.

All in all though, Jurassic World LIVE Tour was a show, that is suited for everyone. Fan of the Jurassic series or dinosaurs altogether, you will be taken a back, from experience a show only 65 million years in the making!

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