GLORYHAMMER Release New Single, "Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol" + Official Video!


GLORYHAMMER have released their new album "Return to the Kingdom of Fire", and have unleashed their new single - the fast yet heavy “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”! A catchy keyboard melody leads into the epic power metal track backed by strong metal drumming and topped with high-reaching vocals. Having gained millions of streams and video views throughout their very successful career and with their last album peaking at #6 on the official German charts, nothing less is to be expected from GLORYHAMMER’s upcoming offering. “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” comes with a racing music video visualizing the band’s unique energy and staves off the final wait for the album’s unveiling!
GLORYHAMMER state: "Alright you bunch of nuclear goblins, LISTEN UP! The Hootsman is coming to town, and he's gonna cyber-detonate your brains to death with his hootatronic battle-saxophone! HOOTS!"

Watch the music video for “Holy Flaming Hammer Of Unholy Cosmic Frost” HERE.

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