BOYS LIKE GIRLS, the American rock band that stole hearts with their chart-topping hits, is back with a mesmerizing new single titled "LANGUAGE," released today. Following the success of their comeback track "BLOOD AND SUGAR" last month, BOYS LIKE GIRLS continues to captivate fans with their signature sound and heartfelt lyrics. "LANGUAGE" delves into the unspoken language of attraction, exploring the subtle cues and gestures that speak volumes.

Lead singer Martin, known for his candid and introspective songwriting, shares his thoughts on the intricacies of communication: "According to Google, there are around 6,500 languages in the world. I took French, Spanish, and Latin in school, but can barely get through asking where the toilet is in Montreal or Mexico City. I guess I’m a one trick American pony, and there are even some versions of English I barely understand. They say the two universal languages are mathematics and music. I suck at math, but I can tell you, having played some decent-sized shows in non-English speaking territories, that the latter is true for sure."

As BOYS LIKE GIRLS embarked on their global journey, Martin discovered the power of silent languages and nonverbal communication: "Through those travels, I've also learned that it’s the silent languages that say the most. Body language, love languages, the language of the spirit, and other nonverbal communications can be the deepest connections we have as humans. With the language of attraction, there tends to be a moment where you both figure it out. You know. You feel safe, you feel seen, you feel excited. You pray you're not crazy. A little touch, okay, you're not crazy."

"LANGUAGE" explores the intricate dance of attraction, capturing the diverse forms it takes for different individuals. From a playful smile to a subtle wink or a simple head shake, the song invites listeners to embrace their own unique experiences of connection and longing.

Check out the single HERE.

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