Avenged Sevenfold Packs The Forum for Sold Out LA Show!

Heavy metal is a genre that has grown quite a bit over the years, for Huntington Beach, Californians Avenged Sevenfold or sometimes abbreviated as A7X, formed back in 1999. Going through line-up changes and member losses, eight full-length albums, lots of shows and tours. But the band would go on a hiatus, only returning sometime later in 2023, announcing not just a new album but comeback shows as well. A headlining show would take place at The Forum in Inglewood, California on June 9, 2023.

This show would of course sell out come the day of the event itself. Opening up for the band would be Falling In Reverse, who may have had some mishaps with performance issues in general, but this sold out showcase, brought in the fans regardless. Doors opening around 6PM and arriving a little after 7PM, The Forum’s circular venue was quite a walk round, finding our seats on the other side of the venue was one thing, another thing that was an issue, was finding our seats once inside the arena.

Being darkened as it was, finding our seats was a bit of a challenge, but luckily seats were secured after sometime. Close to 8PM would be when Falling In Reverse would perform and play for a good 45-50 minute set, consisting of a lot of old material and newer works as well. Such songs as “Raised By Wolves”, “Fashionably Late”, “The Drug In Me Is You”, “Just Like You”, and newer tracks like “Watch the World Burn”, “Voices In My Head”, “Zombified”, and “Popular Monster”. The band as a whole put on a good set, kept the crowd entertained, singing along, and just hyped throughout. By the end of their set, all there cheered with enjoyment, by such an enthusiastic performance.



1. Zombified
2. I’m Not a Vampire
3. Losing My Mind
4. Raised By Wolves
5. Fuck You And All Your Friends
6. Fashionably Late
7. The Drug In Me Is You
8. Drugs
9. Just Like You
10. Watch the World Burn
11. Voices in my Head
12. Popular Monster

The headliners of the night would be Avenged Sevenfold of course, their set lasting a good hour and 55 minutes, performing a good amount of songs, both old and new, a majority of the tracks coming off the band’s 2023 release “Life is but a Dream”, released this June, the band singing such tracks off it like “Mattel”, “Nobody”, “We Love You”, “G”, “(O)Rdinary”, “(D)eath”, to name off a few. A lot of the other songs sung would be older tracks like “Hail to the King”, “Afterlife”, “The Stage”, ‘Nightmare” “Bat Country”, and even older tracks like “Unholy Confessions”. Whilst the band was indeed good, the instrumentals were sounding much louder than the vocalist could sing. You could hear both, but it sounded off, unable to hear the vocalist over the loudness of the instrumentals at times. Nevertheless, the crowd was packed in, and truly ready to rock out, a majority of the crowd singing along, standing tall in their seats and on the floor, with others just pure excited on how awesome it was to be there. The floor crowd, kept some action going with the mosh pit but not much. This performance was good, keeping all there entertained, but the band’s performance didn’t really grab my attention as it had when seeing them back in 2007 and then again in 2010. Those two times they just brought that angst and energy more, heaviness, and just downright were slightly better than they were tonight.


Overall though, Avenged Sevenfold is what the band calls themselves as is a heavy metal band, one who has changed its styling over time, since formation back in 99, causing some displeasure within the fandom, but still collecting fans who still enjoy the music regardless. All in all, it was a sold out show that brought the fans in tow, taking in a band that has been around for close to 25 years with no plans on stopping.


1. Game Over
2. Mattel
3. Afterlife
4. Hail to the King
5. We Love You
6. Buried Alive
7. The Stage
8. So Far Away
9. Nobody
10. Nightmare
11. Bat Country
12. Unholy Confessions
13. A Little Piece of Heaven
14. G
15. (O)rdinary
16. (D)eath

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