Marysa Eve Discusses Solo Career, Craftsmanship and More!

Indie folk artist MARYSA EVE began their solo career during the pandemic's quarantine in 2020. During this time she has gone on to release a few single's, with a lot more expected in the works and plans to be thought out. See what else is discussed below. 

1. Can you please tell us the history about your band and it's members within?

I am an indie folk artist and international horse trainer from Boston. In the past, when I lived in Boston and Philadelphia, I sang in a few alternative rock bands, and a tour choir for 12 years. I began my solo career during quarantine in 2020, when it became impossible to rehearse as a band anymore.

2. How would you describe your style of choice that you play?

I think indie folk captures the sound best. I like each instrument to be easily identifiable to an untrained ear, nothing too modern with layers of technology masking the instruments.

3. What about the band's name, how did that come into the picture?

I just use my first and middle name, Marysa Eve. I like the spelling of my name, as I was named after my great-grandmother Mary. The name Marysa means queen of the sea, which is fitting considering my affinity for the ocean.

4. Which bands would you say influence your music?

Florence and the Machine has been my longest inspiration since the release of her first debut album in 2009. The unique instrumentation and choral background texture in each song is so moving. Additionally, bands such as Rainbow Kitten Surprise, the Lumineers, and the Head and the Heart that combine heartfelt lyrics with a folk rock sound are also heavy influences for me.

5. When it comes to the writing process what are your songs and lyrics about?

I usually begin with the lyrics and then follow with chords. My lyrics are often written in hindsight of a situation, rarely do I write when I am still in the present moment. I lean heavily on literary devices, particularly metaphors and old sayings from my parents. I have a background in poetry and actually published an anthology; I think this shows a bit in my lyrics. In terms of content, because I am always abroad training horses, I have plenty of stories, and a plethora of very meaningful, often fleeting relationships with people I encounter in such foreign corners of the world. These connects are usually what spurs a song out of me.

6. What has the band released thus far, how has your content been received by the public and media?

I have independently released a few singles that I recorded with the help of friends, and these were well-received by friends and past bandmates, as well as Spotify playlist curators and a few radio stations.

7. Has the band had the chance to perform live, if so whereabouts and any further plans for more shows or tours?

Not yet! Between covid and travel, I have not really had the opportunity to perform live. Here and there in local pubs while I lived in Ireland, I would play an impromptu few songs but otherwise not officially have I played my originals live.

8. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

You can listen anywhere! Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Pandora, or essentially any streaming platform. I have no merchandise at the minute.

9. What plans do you have for the future as a band and this year into the next?

My plan is to continue writing and releasing singles for the next year while developing a connection to my audience, and then perhaps an EP the following year with some performances. I am constantly writing new songs each month and will hopefully be back in the studio soon to record the best of the bunch. I am most excited for the next two upcoming releases this year, because both are so special to me.

10. Would you like to add on or say anything else?

Just a heartfelt thank you for your curiosity and attention! It is much appreciated. 

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