Anime Expo the Overdue Experience Los Angeles Welcomed Back!

It’s been three years, since the last time the Los Angeles Convention Center would hold Anime Expo, one of the biggest and main events of anime and Japanese culture in North America. Taking place always in Los Angeles, California the city of angels, it would be time for Anime Expo to return. Yes during the 4th of July weekend of 2022, is when everyone would return to the convention center of LA, gathering for several days, dressing up, buying merchandise, and just having fun again.

Day 0 not technically counting as one of the official days of Anime Expo, but nonetheless had gathered tons of people to come together to pick up their badge’s and for once in a lifetime get their covid wristbands. Since covid had struck in the fall of 2019, now every event would have a covid check in of some sort. After putting together their items, Day 1 would commence on July 1st, bringing loads of individuals big and small, different ages as well, dressing up or cosplaying as their favorite characters from Japanese animation or cartoon characters.  Others would be snapping photos or selfies with said folk, with everyone else casually dressed, eager to get inside, to buy merchandise, check out the panels, games, presentations, and much more!

The rest of the weekend Day’s 2 and Day 3 would have much more activity with performances, a night time concert over in the carnival area known as Hypland and other concerts at various venues within the convention center’s whereabouts. Everywhere which way you would spot people dressed up, excited about all that was taking place. Lots would check out the carnival area playing games, winning prizes or grabbing something to eat. Others would be checking out the panel’s, discussing upcoming movies, TV series, games, and much else as well. The entertainment hall would have get togethers for photo opportunities, table top games, arcade games, stage with performances of mini portions, to booth’s with giveaways and game shows popping up and around the premises. Lots to be seen and heard throughout the convention center.

During the first and last day known as Day 1 and Day 4 though, would be the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies, showing off a skit, performances by live artists and other surprises, disclosing the matters of what had occurred or what could be done during the Anime Expo itself. Both segments brought in the crowds by the masses, bringing lots of laughter and cheers mostly. During the opening ceremonies was a Jpop act called SG5 a Sailor Moon tribute band of sorts, that kept the energy flowing and have a lot more in-store from here on out. Closing out the ceremony on the last day was this other band called Travis Japan, whose energy was more fiery and excellent that all were excited just to be in the same room! Other spots that were occupied were the artist alley and beer garden, artist alley showing off artwork, tattoo stations, and meet and greets with various acts, actors, and others. Whereas the beer garden was meant for the older folk to sit back and relax. Lots of friends to be had, with so much going on who knew what could happen next really.

All in all though, the Anime Expo for 2022 would end up being a welcome back to somewhat normalcy. Everyone who had attended the sold out convention would be bringing back home goodies, memories, and best of all an experience that will not be forgotten, but expected again the following year.

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