Macaco - Civilized as Animals

Dani Macaco or Macaco has released his latest album to date titled "Civilized as Animals". The album contains an array assortment of 13-tracks, some of which are the like "No Nos Pararan", "Bailo la Pena", "Lo Quiero Todo", and "Valientes". Each of these being well balanced Latin infused pop rock with an edge of spiciness. It adds a heaviness without being extremely heavy as a metal act would be. Macaco is more or less, on the borderline of being gripping and meaningful. A lot of his works off this album and other material, is much like these tracks. Being very fulfilling yet gripping at times. The energy is welcoming yet pleasing as well. It’s a combination of being a lot like the Latin rock band Maná. Both styles are similar in a way, combining the same type of tone with the style of sound between the Latin influences and what not. It makes Macaco’s style very unique and shall we say creative and downright original too. That is just the music, his vocalization is captivating so much so, it makes the music more entertaining and energetic. No matter which way of these tracks or the others off "Civilized as Animals" play, it captures the same essence rather easily. He making music that all shall enjoy and never forget about. But more or less treasure and listen to again and again.

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