Featherweight – This Is Heartbreak

"This Is Heartbreak", comes off an EP titled "Sleepwell", from up-and-comers Featherweight out of the state of Ohio. This aggressive post-hardcore band takes their uniqueness of rock n' roll music to new heights with this single and accompanying music video. Their style is a blend of a lot of other post-hardcore bands out on the scene currently, ranging from sounding a mixture between A Day to Remember crossed with Alexisonfire and some Silverstein and Dance Gavin Dance even. That is the vibe bouncing off this track they have here. The same likely going for the rest of the material to come off their EP "Sleepwell". Their style has got angst, energy, and total aggression, hence why they are such an aggressive type of band. It is all displayed within the instrumental, if not even more so the vocalization as well. The clean cut vocals with mixture of scream antics really mixes things up, causing this in and out effect. In other words, the music just releases itself with such momentum and pride it shows. The accompanying music video does showcase the band performing within the woods, with the backstory centering around a love story by the looks of it. All in all though, it captures the same type of sense as the actual music, progressive, toned, and lots of energy through and through. Featherweight, will likely hopefully not just fade into the abyss anytime soon, but remain a buzz, and capture the attention of many others within earshot. Given or take it only takes a matter of time to do so, these guys will get their music and voices heard in no time at all.

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