Various Artists – Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol. 3

"Let's Have A Rockin Christmas Vol. 3", by Various Artists is just the right release to come forth for this current time of year, that being Christmas of course! Just a mere couple of days away, this compilation of sorts, is just the right amount of content, with fresh takes of original pieces and some throwbacks as well. Like “Jingle Bells” by Doug Ferony or "All Around The World Christmas" by SEAY, if not other noted tracks like "Ode To Joy" by Les Fradkin and "Bells" by DocRock1007. With many other tracks as well "It's Christmas", by Doug Ferony and another by SEAY "A Christmas Heart", along with "Coming To Our Town", by Angeles and "Mary, Did You Know?" by Ann M. Wolf. All of these song selections being well grouped material that catches the essence and time of year and holiday spirit as well.

Each one is a lot like the timeless classics of years past. Being very upbeat, listenable and just a lot of fun that you will find each and every one of them, to be just as joyful and spirited with wholesomeness. Thus, the material just sounds very comforting, loving, and carefree. Upon hearing regularly all else, Christmas tunes are just a given thing when listening to music. It being not just the right timing for it, but the material is just filled with such meaning to it. You can familiarize yourself with the lyrical content along with the melodies of the music itself.

Take these array of tracks mentioned prior, each one being very different but still coming together as one, with the contents within. Each of which detailing the meaning behind the holiday and holidays in general. A lot of these tracks and album as a wholesome truths really, makes “Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol. 3”, be a precise album that features an assortment of acts that each have variety yet class to.

Like for instance, it’s just the source material that makes it all enjoyable and fun. It becomes grounded that you feel it as a welcoming type of set-up. You get that comforting feeling again, hearing each and every one of these tracks said, or any of the rest upon it. Christmas is filled from all area’s that you just cannot get enough but plead for even more.

As a whole though, this album has much more going for it really. Not just being a compilation release but one that can be heard throughout that holiday time frame that is Christmas and the holidays in general, being one you can toss on and let it cool you over as you let it all in at once.

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