Tough On Fridays – Live at Texas Indie Fest

Duo twosome Katie and Caleigh who have been friends since long ago, decided that they would come together to create art in the form of music. Thus forth, the pop punk, progressive, alternative rock group called Tough On Fridays was made into what it was, exploding onto the music scene in only 2017. Releasing a few pieces of works, including most recent being a live album titled "Live at Texas Indie Fest". This album of sorts, consisting one of the singles that had made them take off called "Lush", with other likable tracks such as "Retrospect". Other notable tracks being noticed as crafty with well rounded material. But “Retrospect” and “Lush”, stand on a firmer grounding, that they are more pulsating, progressive in tone, that they keep the music kicking, that you never get tired of it. You partake in it, enjoying it, that you find yourself bobbing to the beat of the music more or less. When it comes down to it, the overall release may be short and brief, but that’s what makes it just as sweet. These girls in Tough On Fridays being rowdy with just the right amount of sass, make this album a whole lot more entertaining upon each listen.

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