Rhett Repko - Were You Ever Really Mine?

Why is the importance of naming something after yourself or honoring said name onto the next generation of the second, the third, the fourth and so on, so important to some people. Well not really so sure, what is in a name really? What does it represent for us as individuals. Well to some it just has a meaning all its own, where there is literally no meaning at all really. Rhett Repko a singer/song writer has got his debut EP out and about as it were, as he's decided to self-title this release for his own appeal. Why he went with this decision only he knows really. As for this EP of his, he just so happen to crank out a song from it, called "Were You Ever Really Mine?", a track of sorts that takes the old with the new.

As such, Rhett Repko is a retro rock n' roll artist with a modern day twist of influencers that take his creativity to a whole new level of accomplishments. Which of those accomplishments are we speaking of here, well his ways with the lyrics for one, and the music for another. So not so bad as you would have thought. In any case though, about those lyrics, they go into detail about what else, love and relationships. As the person in question has waited quite some time for the person to admit to their wrong doing, going as far as cutting the person off, wanting them gone from their life altogether.

This in itself is quite the basic if not typical concept for a lot of artists and bands to be faced with at one point in their life. It is hard to deal with, let alone accept when it hits you finally. But once it all comes full circle, you know what you must do, either pack up and move on or continue dealing with a never ending cycle of repeating occurrences. Whatever the decision you may make be, this is how it will be if nothing is done about it at all. Which is why Rhett has taken into how it happened to him, put it down in lyrical fashion, in such a way that we can all relate.

Plus it has a rather catchy beat going for it too. Which brings us to the next portion the music. It is your average rock n' roll feel with a modern day twist of hard hitting melodies showcased here and there throughout this track. You get a feel of slow and fast when listening in really. It makes the song much more easy going and enjoyable. His way with the lyrics, makes his voice and vocal chords stand out. While the music done from the band is drowned out in the background at times, where you can hear the expressions of Rhett's vocal chords more so, that they have more meaning to them.

When it comes down to it, Rhett Repko's "Were You Ever Really Mine?" off his self-titled EP works, is a solid track, that takes the classic and modern day approach to some good old rock music.


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