Ashley J - Trapped

It's a steamy, smoky, and inescapable new single called "Trapped", by Ashley J. Who has released it through her own production imprint Bombshell Music, Inc. This track launching an all new chapter for the pop artist, as she has allowed herself to emerge even further ahead into her music career with such captivating music and lyrics, that all can relate.

"Trapped", written by Ashley J, who would go on to team up with a legend, a multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy winning song writer/producer Narada Michael Walden. She would product this single, that is just layered with variety, mid-tempo beats, to over powering synths, to soft vocal chords with whispers lingering within. This track enlightens the deep infatuation with dealing with a new partner. Which we have all been there if not once maybe twice in our own personal lives. Ashley J expresses her suffering via "Trapped". Her vocal chords embracing such tension throughout the track it really hits hard with such an exciting sense of emotion that is becomes an uncontrollable bridge, really embracing her broad vocal range and scintillating tone.

Speaking of which, the tone presented on this track is of the pop kind. Think of the younger next generation female artists like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, or even an earlier raising artist Christina Aguilera.  These ladies is how Ashley J sounds, except she has an even more refreshed style of sound, with her vocal ranges and broad sense of music creativity. She is just able to craft such meaningful lyrics with heartfelt attitude of appeal, that she brings out a trance even she cannot deny exists.

Thus, this track just really delivers with its music and vocal skills done by Ashley J. The track for one, kicks things off with such a catchy beat and snapping fingers it keeps a percussion beat in check. As the song begins to pick up, breaking then driving right into the chorus repeating the title name with bits and pieces that really sweep you off your feet. Producer Walden just brings out this old school sensation that can be heard back in the 70s to 90s time frame. That old flare being a modern pop sensation done creatively well from Ashley J.

"Trapped", is so well rounded and crafted that it becomes one of the catchiest tunes you can enjoy more than once. It even becomes one you can find yourself dancing along too if not just bobbing your head too. It just has that groove flowing through it, with that trance of beat that keeps the music unbelievable.

All in all for an artist like Ashley J who has come with her array of works during her music career, "Trapped" is a heavy hitter of sorts, that sounds fair and decent. She will surely continue to raise up the ladder, sprinkling her joyfulness to all who have come to hear her music, because as she has put it in this song's title alone, for you are now "Trapped" after hearing this track.

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