Scandroid Releases Synthy 80s Remake of Star Wars "The Force Theme"

Electronic artist/producer, Scandroid, has taken a Star Wars classic, “The Force Theme” and turned the synths up to 11 in an epic cover to inspire the Jedi within us all.

Iconic geek culture outlet, the Nerdist, had this to say about the cover – "This tune could fit right into the next season of Stranger Things, assuming there was a proper homage to the boys’ (presumably) favorite film."

When asked about his inspiration for covering "The Force Theme," Klayton, the sole member of Scandroid replied, “I was inspired by artists like Tomita who re-imagined iconic Star Wars themes with synthesizers. I was excited to cover the “The Force Theme” because I wanted to blend classic analog synthesizers with a re-orchestration of the original song. Not only was I influenced by the classic Star Wars films, but I am inspired by the possibilities of the new films.”

This is the Star Wars cover you’re looking for. Celebrate Star Wars Day with "The Force Theme" and May the Fourth be with you! Check it out over HERE.

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