Lorelei Dreaming is the Siren of the Chicago Terrain

Lorelei Dreaming is known across Chicago as their siren and it makes perfect sense. As she has been hard at work upon her debut EP "Banshee". She has also played live showcases as well as toured. Lorelei Dreaming herself takes some time to discuss her EP, music style, and her future plans.

1. First off, who are you and what role do you play in Lorelei Dreaming?

My name is Laura, also known as Lorelei. I am a singer in Chicago who toured and recorded with Angelspit in 2015 and 2016, and am the front person of the first music project I ever joined, St. Griselda. I am also an occasional event promoter (check out Carnivorous Garden on FB). Lorelei Dreaming is a music project I created, with a good deal of aid from Zoog of Angelspit. A music project is a small business, with as many roles as you can imagine comes with such. I wear many hats!

2. Why the namesake Lorelei Dreaming? Does it come with a meaning or representation of any kind?

It certainly does. The myth of the Lorelei is a siren singing and luring sailors to their destruction. I aim to lure people out of their comfort zones and into action, or at least onto the dance floor! The personification of the siren is powerful, female, beholden to no one but herself.

3. In one of the banners for Lorelei Dreaming, it describes your music genre choices as dark, electro, dystopian dance music, can you agree with this? This is how you would describe your music to others?

Describing my music to others is something I often struggle with. How do you describe these dark dance genres to a family member who only knows top 40 radio? It is different from how you would describe it to someone who is familiar with dark wave, rhythmic power noise, and EBM. When the audience looking at a banner could be anyone, I try to pick words that will give the right story (and a descriptive story) to a variety of audiences. As to whether I’m succeeding with that, haha, maybe you can tell me!

4. What are your songs and music all about, for those who may not know who you are or what you are all about.

I’ve always believed dissent is important and powerful, and it has a large role in my songs. We are all on our own journeys; I look at both pushing ourselves out ever further (again, past old paths and comfort zones, and into the new and unknown), as well as how we might be stronger together in the face of adversity, even as we are on many different paths.

5. Your debut EP features 5 original tracks, with the addition of 11 tracks that are remixes. Why did you want so many songs to be remixed? What is it about remixing songs nowadays that makes them so interesting to want to go and remix them in the first place?

It is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration with other artists. They put their artistry to your song and create a whole new beast. I am beyond fortunate to know so many extraordinary people who took time to direct their talents towards this new music project. When I first set out to create Banshee, I was envisioning 5 original songs and 5 remixes. I was expecting more people to say no when it came to doing the remixes, ha! I was pleasantly surprised there, and then again when the Kickstarter response was so strong so fast. We wound up unlocking the stretch goal of 10 remixes right away; I couldn’t believe it. In the end we had 11 remixes on the CD, plus I still have a couple more on hand beyond those.

6. Some of the remixes come from such acts as Go Fight, The Rain Within, Stoneburner and many more. Why did you want go with these particular acts for the remixing of these songs?

A combination of factors went into that process. First, I have tremendous respect and admiration for these musicians and their decades of experience. These are prolific artists who work in many mediums and have produced a variety of music and artwork too varied to list here. And then, I am in the unique and wonderful position where I can also call them friends (and mentors), thanks to this small and tight-knit scene. They represent a wide variety of sounds, each and every one I love to dance to and wanted on this CD. Electro-scuzz, synth wave, and tribal noise all yank me to the dance floor.

7. How does it feel to have written and recorded your debut EP, a first ever release for you, what comes to mind?

It is hard to believe this is finally happened; I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. At the same time, now I have to work harder than ever to make sure the music is heard. My biggest fear is having all these people having spent all this time making the music, artwork, supporting the kickstarter, etc., just to have this fade into obscurity. I feel a lot of pressure to do what I can to honor all this hard work and get it out there. No rest for the wicked!

8. This EP was produced by Angelspit's Zoog Von Rock, whom you have worked with before, playing some shows and tours. How did the two of you come together to produce this EP release of yours.

It was a pretty natural progression after all the musical work we did together. Angelspit is Zoog’s voice, and Lorelei Dreaming is my voice. I wrote lyrics while we were on the Angelspit tour together last fall, often bouncing ideas off of him and getting help fine-tuning. I think writing music that isn’t for Angelspit comes very easily for Zoog- the tracks came together pretty quickly once we came back from tour.

9. How long would you say it took for you to write and record this EP?

The large bulk of the creation took place over last fall and winter, so something like 7 months?

10. Did you get everything you wanted done, or was there stuff that was not done but you would like to do on a future release?

I was able to do everything CD-wise that I wanted to do for this release. I would still like to do a music video in the near future. I already have plans for the next release, and will start working on that this summer. Maybe some of those extra remixes can make an appearance on the next release.

11. Where did the title "Banshee" come from and does it have a meaning behind it?

I love stories and I love myth, I feel like they are powerful vehicles for making impressions and impart more meanings than you may otherwise be able to relay. “Banshee” felt like a good fit because after November 2016, my mood and my music got a lot angrier. I can really tell which songs were written before that and which ones were written after. I began to worry a little that Lorelei Dreaming sounded too pleasant, so “Banshee” invokes yet another myth and illustrates a violence and anger that feels appropriate and meaningful. It is no mistake that it is another powerful female entity.

12. What about the EP's artwork, is that Lorelei Dreaming upon the cover or someone else altogether? How designed said artwork?

That is me, haha! There were very talented people involved- Amanda Trumbull as photographer, Leeraz Drillman as makeup artist, Zoog as fashion direction, Alison Mackey as graphic designer for the EP. Each and every one of them is phenomenal at what they do.

13. This EP will be released through Black Pill Red Pill, how did you get set up with them, are you happy with what they have to offer?

Black Pill Red Pill is Zoog’s label. It has been good so far, and much more than I could do on my own. Hopefully we will be successful at getting the word out about this EP!

14. Out of all of the tracks off the "Banshee" EP, including the remixes, which song would you say is your favorite and why?

Oh dear, I cannot answer that question. I can’t pick favorites for most things; it is usually a rotating cast of top choices based on mood and a myriad of factors. It is even worse for my own music!

15. Why should people go forth and check out the "Banshee" EP release.

I am really proud of this EP- I feel the music is very strong and very fitting for the times now. The variety represented within the original tracks plus the variety in the remixes means there is something for everyone- go find what speaks to you. I have been dancing all my life, and this is very much a dance-driven work.

16. Do you have anything lined-up for shows or perhaps a tour?

Yes! Our next live show is in Chicago on May 12th at Live Wire Lounge, opening for Espermachine and Esoterik. After that, I am thrilled to be playing at the Sanctuary Festival at Club Anything 6/2-6/3 in Milwaukee. Headlining is VAC and 3teeth, plus 16 other bands. We are on Saturday night. We would love to get a tour together; I think one of my bigger strengths is being on stage and so we are very much trying to get more shows booked. We will keep a full listing of upcoming shows and events on our FB page - https://www.facebook.com/OfficialLorelei/.

17. What are the other plans that you have for the rest of this year?

Hopefully a music video, and of course trying to book more live shows. One special one-off event will be creating and performing a live soundtrack to the 1915 silent film Alice in Wonderland with fellow Chicago musician Echo Haus. That performance will take place at Comfort Station on July 26. That film is delightfully creepy!

18. Would you like to say or want to add anything more?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone right now. I would beseech you to support your local artists, musicians, and promoters. Dance and music has created and strengthened communities in the past, and it can now too.

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