I Am Ghost's Steve Talks Comeback Show, Reunion, and New Music Chances!

I Am Ghost, a little act that went away far too soon, but in the likes of things, have come back sort of.... The band got together back in 2004, got signed with Epitaph Records in 2005 all the way through 2010, releasing an EP "We Are Always Searching" (2005), two full-lengths "Lover's Requiem" (2006), and "Those We Leave Behind" (2008), and a live album "Live in Orange County" (2009); when they would then split up in the summer of 2010. Since then, the band has tried to do a farewell showcase of some kind, trying to do one in 2011, but it couldn't come about, until now. Five years later that showcase is indeed happening, with the spring time announcement occurring this past April 28, 2016, that the band had reunited and would indeed be doing a showcase, a reunion of sorts, farewell show, with so much more in-store of course! Frontman vocalist Steven Juliano or "Steve" took the time to discuss the reunion, new music possibilities, and this showcase that may or may not lead to further activity from I Am Ghost.

1. Are they back yet?

Steve: Not too sure what that question means, (laughs) but for this one show we are definitely back. It's already sold out so we are super excited!

2. You tried doing a comeback show, back on April 16th 2011. But that failed to occur, what was going to happen at that showcase in comparison to this comeback showcase? Would you say that the line-up was going to be the same, or back then it would have had this person or that person etc

Steven: When that show was put on, and tickets went on sale, the break up was still pretty fresh. Everyone agreed to return for a final show, but a few weeks into it a few members rethought it, and decided not to attend. I will be honest, I was pretty upset, but I refused to play in a "final show" with fill-in players. That is just not fair to the fans. It was either all past I Am Ghost members or no show at all. I know a lot of bands nowadays that do "reunion shows" and it's basically just the singer and maybe one guitarist, and the rest are just hired guns. I have always hated that.

3. What had happened to the April 2011 showcase, that failed to allow it to happen?

Steve: Well, it was a long time ago, and I'd rather not say. All I can say  is we are completely different people now. We've all matured, grown up, done other things in our lives, and I think that really helped. We are better friends now than we ever were when I Am Ghost was touring. I think time does heal all wounds, and sometimes you just need to step back and let the air clear. I love these guys like brothers. I missed them.

4. Word has it, that I Am Ghost is writing and recording new material, will you be releasing said material the day of your comeback show?

Steve: Yup, all I can say now is we will be releasing a new track before the show. I don't know the exact date but its being recorded as we speak.

5. Will you be performing any of said new material in the I Am Ghost setlist at this showcase?

Steve: Probably not. We want to play the oldies and goodies for the fans. It would be cool to do a new song, but we have three albums worth of music to play that night.

6. Why did you want to do this showcase with opening acts, as opposed to allowing to having only yourselves doing an all nighter, of a 1-3 hour set?

Steve: Well, the venue (Chain Reaction) wanted at least two openers for the night. If you know the venue, they always have local support even for the big tours. We also felt a two or three-hour set is very much an overkill. Even kids whom absolutely love us would get a bit bored with 3 hours of IAG music! We are going to play a good long set, and all the bands opening are really good!

7. If you did not have openers, would you have done an all night, perhaps performing your entire catalog from front to back, from first release to last release?

Steve: No, that was never going to be an option. All our music is fast, intense... if we were a mellow jam band or a simple rock band then maybe that would be possible. But I can't even imagine playing 3 hours of straight IAG songs. I think I'd die of a heart attack.

8. Did you ever think that this showcase was going to be sold out? Since it is, will you be doing anything extra "special"?

Steve:  I think we all pretty much knew it would sell out... not to be cocky, but we always had a great fan base in Anaheim. I guess the "extra special thing" is we are actually doing this show. Ha ha ha. This idea was a back and forth thing for the past three years. Every time I was free to do a "reunion show" the other members were gone on tour with their other bands. Then when they were free I was on tour with my band Requiem. Some members got married. Some have had kids. It's not just about "hey, wanna play a show?" and bam its book. It's just not that easy. You have to coordinate with the venue, we have to coordinate with practicing. I live 8 hours away, so I have to plan on that as well.

9. When it comes to the appearance, I Am Ghost was always known for the nicely dressed get-up for photo shoots and performances, will you be strutting your stuff once more, dressing up as you did before?

Steve: I think that is a definite yes. After all these years, I think it would suck if we just walked on stage in street clothes. We all know I've never been a fan of that.

10. Which line-up will be in full force for this show?

Steve: It is everyone except for Brian and Kerrith. Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse) will be there if he's not on tour with his band. But it's 100% Ronnie, Justin, Gabe, Timmy, Chad, and myself.

11. You asked the fans to help out with picking out songs to be put into a setlist, so has a setlist been put together?

Steve: Yup! It's all set up.

12. If I Am Ghost were to do another show, would you think that show, may showcase the other projects the other members are involved with play alongside them?

Steve: Probably not. I can't speak for the other members, but playing two sets in one night is kind of a pain in the ass. And right now, there is not another show planned so that's where we are at right now.

 13, While you made the announcement of your retirement from music, and your doing this show, does that mean the retirement still stands and you won't be doing music or if you do only certain shows here and there or is it undecided?

Steve: Yes, I am definitely retired. If you see me playing a show, it might be an IAG show, but for any past bands or even new projects, that is not an option for me anymore. I've been playing in touring bands since I was 18 years old. Touring or playing again -- besides with IAG -- just doesn't excite me anymore. Some people in bands don't get it, but I have a lot of other passions.

14. What does the future hold for I Am Ghost, what are the plans if any past this showcase?

Steve: There really isn't any "future" for IAG. This is all about the October 22nd show in Anaheim. If something does happen, then it happens. But we are not planning on anything as of now. But understand, things do change. After this interview comes out we might get an email with some great offer we can't refuse. You can't count out anything in life. But for now, we just want everyone to have a good time at this show and remember all the good stuff we did.

15. Anything else you'd like to say or want to add on?

Steve: I think we are all good! Thanks for the interview!

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