Armada - Of An Ocean EP

Disbandment dictionary defines it as to dissolve or break up, to disperse, as it were, and that was the case for a lot of bands, including Modern Day Escape, I Woke Up Early For My Funeral, among others, that the members of Armada, dealt with, but that time is dead and gone and this is right here and now. This is Armada with their debut EP "Of An Ocean".

The EP release consists of 6-tracks, filled with their past endeavors of energy, mind set, and abilities that it also has a freshening feel and vibe to the material found upon it. As such, songs like debut single and song for "Bury The Wolf", brings back that heaviness that could be found upon Modern Day Escape's earlier works, i.e. their first EP and album, while other notable tracks like "The Fire the Flame", captures that same essence, except it posses more of a modern vibe, having a more metalcore meets hardcore sensation, that maintain the heaviness with vocal chords to align in their proper placement.

"Wake Me Up", which is a more mellow driven track, that still has that heaviness except its more toned down. The vocal chords and instruments working together to keep the music at a steady pace but still maintain the heaviness within. "Carousel" is another track in similar variation to that of "Wake Me Up". It possess that same formula which makes it quite decent overall.

All in all though Armada's debut EP that is "Of An Ocean" is just that, a decent effort EP release, that demonstrates these musician past, front and center, with great possibilities for the future, as this new brand of metal floods the music scene just as it did before, this time being more forceful with the force of the guys in Armada.

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