I Am Ghost Gives Special Announcement

I Am Ghost made the announcement this past April about reuniting for one final time in terms of a farewell showcase happening this fall on Saturday October 22nd, in which tickets and VIP passes became available and soon sold out. That said, the band has then gone on to make another special announcement upon their Facebook page that reads,

"We wanted to wait for this date to sell out before making this special announcement. This was to ensure only the most devout I Am Ghost fans would be in attendance.

We ask all those attending Saturday, October 22nd to please dress up in their best funeral attire. This will be the final viewing of I Am Ghost. Service begins 7PM and ends at midnight.

To all our family and friends: We say goodbye, thank you for what you've given me. In the Hallows, we will make it. Yes, you're so divine... the lonely hearts club will never fade away. Tonight... we dance.


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