Hisako Ozawa Talks All About her Musical Aspects

Performing musician Hisako Ozawa has plans to travel the world, performing her own music as well as music for the other projects, bands, and anything else that may be coming her way! She took the time to talk of those projects and plans.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me how long have you been a musician and how did you become the musician you are today?

Hisako: I have been a musician for about 6 years now. At the beginning, I played for the Japanese alternative rock band “Mind Tuner”. We played shows at popular venues all around Tokyo while simultaneously working as an event coordinator for a live music talent agency. Two years later, I started to feel that I needed to further my musical knowledge and advance in my musical career. In 2011, I left Japan to attend the world renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Studying at MI, I learned music theory and a great deal about other styles of music aside from rock. MI made me a more capable and humble musician. After Graduating from MI, I found work as a guitar player in bands and play over 100 gigs a year.

2. How would you categorize the style of the music that you play?

Hisako: My favorite style is rock but I also play and love various styles of music. I play metal, country, pop and also funk and R&B.

3. Can you share with us one or two of your favorite moments as a musician?

Hisako: I love playing shows. Every show I play is a different experience. When I play with a rock band, my favorite moment is when I forget about everything and Im playing with all the energy I have. When I play with a party band, It brings me joy to see people having a good time and dancing to the music.

4. How would you define a "performing musician"?

Hisako: To me, being a performing musician is like being an actor or an actress. Different style of music every night. Different audience. You have to be adaptable to every style of music.

5. Can you tell us about your thoughts on your local music scene? Are there any new and upcoming artists/bands that you are into?

Hisako: The Alabama Shakes. When I listened to their new album “Sound & Color” a few month ago, it blew my mind. I found myself saying to myself “I don’t know what’s going on here but it is clearly amazing and catchy”.

6. Your involved in several different bands, Side Effect, Paradise Kitty, and South Bay Country, why be involved in so many bands with so many different styles?

Hisako: I love playing music, I have been trying to play out as much as I can. Playing music is my life.

7. Do you have a particular style of music that you prefer over all the others or are you into everything and anything?

Hisako: When I started to play guitar, I was really into rock bands like Tool, Deftones and many Japanese rock bands. Rock music is still my favorite and the music style that I play most comfortably.

8. You say your a performing musician so do you stick only to performing solo and with other acts, have you worked upon your own music of sorts?

Hisako: I have been so busy as a  gigging musician but I’m really interested in doing my own music in the future and that is one of my dreams.

9. How many more bands do you think you be a part of in the coming future?

Hisako: I think i can handle one more but I also want to play more shows and tours with the current projects I’m involved with now.

10. Can you describe each band that you are involved with currently, giving me a brief summary of their style, how you got involved, and why should we out each one?

Hisako: Side Effect: 4 piece pop punk band hailing from hollywood, CA. Our first EP “ Another last goodbye” was released in 2014. I met lead singer Kapri at MI, one day. She saw my play at a performance class and talked to me. She was looking for musicians for her project and I joined. The rest is history!

Paradise Kitty: LA based all female tribute to Guns N’ Roses. They found me through auditions. We played our first show in March 2015. My band members are super cool and great female musicians.

South Bay Country: LA based country cover band. They found through auditions as well. We play at bars, corporate events, private parties 2 to 3 times a week. Our shows are usually with line dance teachers. You can learn line dancing while enjoying quality live music!

11. Where can our readers find these bands on the internet?

Hisako: Side Effect: http://artistecard.com/wearesideeffect
Paradise Kitty: https://www.facebook.com/ParadiseKittyBand
South Bay Country: http://www.southbaycountry.com/

12. How has Social Networking (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) impacted you as a musician and these bands you have been involved with?

Hisako: We can provide our information easier and faster. The other cool thing about social networking is our fans talk about us online and it creates a buzz.

13. What are the plans that you have in the future as for your own work and the plans for the bands your involved with?

Hisako: I want to go tour with these bands. Traveling around the world with music is my biggest dream.

14. Anything else you’d like to say or promote?

Hisako: I have my own website and YouTube channel. Please check them out!



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