Skinmask's Foss and Christophe say They Got a Catchy Act to Not Miss Out On

Catchy go getters Skinmask are in the studio hard at work writing and recording for their new album due out soon! In the mean while they have been playing some showcases on and off while planning ahead for their future, of more shows, new music, and more of course! Bassist Christophe Liglet and Rhythm guitarist Foss both take turns in discussing the masks behind their music!

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Today we have Christophe Liglet on bass and who also does the programming, Foss on rhythm guitar. Not here, but in the band is Mike Trenholm on lead guitar, Darrin Leavey on drums, and our infamous singer Laz.

2. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Foss: This was all started by a vision that Christophe had for this band.  He met me, a year or two before when he recorded bass on a track I was producing. When he decided to put this together he called. Next Laz came in.

Christophe: After playing with different bands that were going no where, I decided to put together my dream band. I had the songs already one and what I wanted the band to look like but first call I had to make was to Dave, had had a mohawk, played guitar and had technical knowledge I needed to make Skinmask happen in a live situation.

We had met a couple of years earlier while hanging out at Baja Cantina on Sunset, he had asked me if I could record some bass on one of his tracks, so I did and we remained friends. When it was time to do Skinmask he was on top of my list, I called him, gave him the songs to listen too and he was in. Then the search began haha.

We went through a bunch of drummers, found one named Chris Hansen then through a common friend I had met Laz, we instantly clicked. I had found the voice of Skinmask then through an AD on Craiglist I had met Mike Trenholm who came over to my pad so I could show him how things worked and play him the song, he didn't look the part at all! He had a shitty red guitar with beer stickers on it, but when it started playing it was amazing! I told him if he wants the gig he would have to change his look and somehow paint that guitar black.

Two days later he showed up at the final audition and with a mohawk and a black primer guitar and got the gig that night. We had some one doing back up and doing percussion as well named Bobbi. But it didn't last then we had a couple of other drummers coming and going but the base of Skinmask is still Laz, Dave, Mike and I from the very beginning.

3. Your band's name is Skinmask, why would you say that your Skin is a Mask?

Foss: I would say that we all are always wearing a mask. A skin mask to mask our issues.

4. How did you come up with the band's name Skinmask?

Christophe: I wanted a name that was gonna fit the warpaint..I think it does perfectly..I got it from dead skin mask from Slayer..I just made it one word.

5. How would you describe your style?

Christophe: Heavy groovy disco metal..its heavy catchy riff tuned in drop C..with very catchy screamo..cookie monster vocals..Laz sings..not puke.

6. Who are your musical influences?

Christophe: Kiss..Priest..In Flames..Motley Crue..Rammastein..Korn.

Foss: Maiden and early Ozzy. pretty much everything I've ever heard influences me musically.

7. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Christophe: I write the songs ...I do it at home first..then I record scratch guitars..program the drums..and all the electronics/samplers..then Laz comes over and we write the lyrics.

Foss: The stuff I write and produce doesn't really fit for SKINMASK.

8. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Christophe:  Mostly relationship stuff..girls..just rock n roll type lyrics.

9. "Day After Day" is one of your singles and videos of choice but why go with picking it?

Foss: Because the video has almost naked girls in it. lol!

Christophe:  First song I wrote for Skinmask..and its just a great catchy tune with a great riff.

10. Can you discuss the video's concept for "Day After Day"?

Foss: A video producer suggested shooting some live video and we happen to be playing a strip club. they shot some video and put it together, and it turned out great.

11. Are you guys signed or unsigned to a label?

Foss: We are not signed to a record label.

12. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Christophe:  Its the best new band..I don't know what else to tell you.

Foss: Everyone should come to a show. I believe that says it all.

13. Do you have anymore singles and or videos or will you be releasing anymore in the future?

Christophe: We have a video for IN LOVE AGAIN and for DARKLIGHT....more will come when the new album is done.

Foss: The two other videos from our EP are at  We have started recording a full length album, as well as a video that should be out by the end of summer.

14. Where are you in the process of the new album?

Foss:  We got a lot of work left to do.  We're still tracking.  With any luck we could have a song to pre-release by July.

Christophe: In the process of recording the will have 10 new songs plus a couple of extra stuff.

15. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Foss: Sometime this fall.

16. During your performances you do adore the make-up and appeal to accompany it, how did you come up with this concept for your showcases?'

Christophe: I wanted a band visually exciting make up seemed right.

17. What about the masks, what does each one represent and symbolize for each of you and the band as a whole?

Christophe: We just do somethings that looks one is a vampire or a dog..haha..we actually change it once in a while.

18. Do the masks always stay the same or do they rotate and change every so often or nothing like that even happens?

Christophe: We do change it..I changed mine like 5 five times at least..ahaha.

Foss: I think I've changed it up about 3 times. I've pretty much kept the colors the same though.

19. How do you promote your band and shows?

Christophe: Social medias..mass mailing..websites..we even go and pass out flyers and put posters up when we have a show.

Foss: And through you, (loudly) WE'RE PLAYING AT LOADED JULY 21ST FOR TOXIC TUESDAY'S, AND THE CRUE FEST AT THE WHISKEY ON JULY 25TH).  There's even talk of us playing the Download Festival in the UK next year. Or Monster of Rock in Brazil. I won't be able to confirm that though until we're actually invited. Haha.

20. Can you describe your show, visually and musically for those who may be curious?

Christophe:  Pure insanity!!!!

21. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

Christophe: Cause otherwise we gonna kill you..hahha..its the best show in town!!!..Would be a mistake not to go!

Foss: So you can brag to your friends that you saw the best band in Hollywood. lol

22. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Christophe:  Release the more gigs.

Foss:  The near future will likely be a rehearsal. haha but really it'll be to continue recording.

23. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Foss:  We're on iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby among others.


24. Anything else you want to say or add on?

Foss: Listen to us on one of those websites, then come to the show.  Paint your face up, We dig that. Buy Laz a drink, and let's party!

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