Everlit Gets Edgier with Musical Material

Hard rock metalheads Everlit are about to release an all new EP called "Renovate". The release supplies that hard rock style with some edgier styles of rock and metal that those heavy duty fans can embrace in. The whole band got together to discuss this release, their upcoming shows, and future plans.

1. What type of band are you?

Jordan: The easiest way for us to describe our music is just good old Hard Rock.  Although, we often get tossed into both Metal and Alternative genres.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band. How did you come to get the name Everlit?

Ryan: Well . . . Jordan, Jake and I all played in Willpowerless together for a long time.  We had a pretty good run but just as things were picking up we lost our long time guitarist, Craig.  We started fresh with a new look, new guitar player, new sound, and a new name.  Everlit basically just means that this project was lit from what we were able to accomplish as Willpowerless.

3. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Jacob: We all grew up listening to bands like the Deftones, Korn, Taproot, Slipknot, Chevelle, etc.  All those slightly different rock genres are where our music mainly comes from.  But we all listen to a wide variety of music and I think you can really hear that in our upcoming EP “Renovate”.

4. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Anthony: We try to write all the songs as a band but every song is different.  The lyrics on the other hand . . . They’re crafted by both Ryan and Jacob.  We all throw in our input there, but the real credit goes to those two.

5. What can fans expect with the "Renovate EP"?

Jordan: I think they’re going to be surprised by the sound.  Especially if they’re previous fans of Willpowerless waiting to hear what our new sound is.  The single we have out right now (Break Away) is a hard rock song, but it’s very catchy and was intended to have the “mainstream” feel to it.  The other songs are edgier and more for the rock / metal fans.  We also have a track called “Square One” that’s totally different from all the tracks.  It’s hard to say what to expect, they’ll just have to listen!

6. Has the band’s songwriting process changed much over the years?

Ryan: Not really.  Even with the addition of Anthony, we’ve tried to keep the song writing the same.  Our studio time with Taylor Larson was much different than any other recording we’ve ever done.  He had a ton of say, and it was great working with a producer that just kills it in every aspect.

7. What are your expectations for the "Renovate EP "?

Jacob: We’re hoping to just get the ball rolling again, get back out in the music world and back on tour for our fans.  It’s felt like a very long road to get back up and running but we’ve spent a lot of time trying to make sure we do it right.  Based off of the responses we’ve gotten so far, and it not even being available to the public; we think this should EP should do the trick.

8. You shot a video for the single “Break Away”. Is that a process you enjoy?

Anthony: Absolutely!  We worked with Mitch Martinez who did an incredible job.  Both locations were awesome, all the help on set was amazing, the script was killer; we couldn’t be happier with the end product.  We’re excited to get working on the next music video.  We’re leaning towards a video for “A Phoenix Will Rise” so stay tuned!

9. Are you looking forward to going on tour?

Jordan: Looking forward to it doesn’t even start to explain how we feel about it.  It’s been way too long; we’re all dying to get back out a play a show every night for different fans in different towns.  That’s what makes everything we do worth it!

10. When you headline do you change things up and switch songs from show to show?

Ryan: Yea every show is slightly different but we generally run with the same sets based on how much time we have to play.  We have a few laid out for different scenarios.  Come check out our headlining set on Saturday June 20th at Bull Shooters in Philly!

11. How do you promote your band and shows?

Jacob: Mainly with social media.  We’ve done a good job networking with all our fans and trying to respond to them every time the message us.  Most of our success has been driven by our social network.

12. Describe your show, visually and musically for those who may want to be curious?

Anthony: Haha that’s a tough one.  You really just need to be there but it’s high energy.  Right now there’s really not a ton of extra visuals outside of the normal scrims and such.  Where we are now, we’re just trying to keep it simple, concentrate on playing our tunes tight, and just interact with our fans before and after the show.  Really going nuts with visuals for our live show will come down the road I suppose.

13. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

Jordan: Our next show is the actual EP release show for Renovate.  It’s in our home town at Bull Shooters which is an awesome club with a great stage and sound.  I’d be there so you don’t miss the first long set we’ve played in long time.  We’ll play the whole EP, new songs yet to be recorded, and maybe even a fan favorite from our Willpowerless days.  Plus, everyone who enters get the EP for FREE.  So that alone makes it worth coming!

14. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Ryan: Love your fans!  They’re the ones that make and break you, so responding to them and letting them know you appreciate their support is probably the best thing you can do as a band.

15. What are the biggest and smallest obstacles for bands?

Jacob: The biggest obstacle is just getting heard . . . and not getting too down when things fall through.  We’ve had a lot of teases in our time playing music.  Lots of promises made that make you think you’re finally there and then just like that they’re no longer on the table.  It’s tough and it breaks a lot of bands.  But we just keep fighting and remind ourselves it will just make things sweeter down the road. The smallest obstacles – Well, load in and out on show days?!  LOL!

16. How about for this year, what else do you have lined-up?

Jordan: Right now we’re just focusing on releasing the EP and then announcing tour dates to support the release soon.  We’ve also been hard at work writing new material and we’ve already got some awesome stuff that we’re stoked to hit the studio with.

17. Is that your final thought on the matter?

Ryan: Thanks for taking the time to meet with us.  We’re excited for everything that’s lining up and we hope everyone else is too.  If you’re a fan, make sure you’re following us on social media so we can stay in touch! Don't forget to pick up our tunes on iTunes! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/renovate-ep/id991037048

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