3D In Your Face - Midnight Devils

When you think of the 80's era you may think of movies, television shows or the music the music being a big aspect of it. A lot of artists and bands can be remembered from that era including Billy Idol, Duran Duran, and Tears For Fears among others, and to this day the 80's refuses to go away in other acts claiming it's name, i.e. Steel Panther or very similar act 3D In Your Face.

3D In Your Face is like Steep Panther bringing back the time and age of that of Van Halen, Kiss, Motley Crue, Ratt, LA Guns, and Poison, they got that big hair, loud guitars, crazy vocals and even crazier make-up it, has these guys knowing what they are doing and it shows like no tomorrow on their latest album "Midnight Devils". This album really brings you back to the 80's with songs like "Forbidden City", "Generation Durt", "In Your Face", Bleed Betty Bleed" and power ballad "Your Face Always Brings Me Back", these guys have got the talent all over this album. it's that good. Even the lyrical context is very 80's staying true to that sex, drugs, and rock n' roll vibe it's truly party hardy music!

The lyrics and instrumentals are again good,  so good there's no other words to describe them because as said it's that good. 3D In Your Face are one of those 80's bands that are out there but tend to stand out just a bit more than the rest.

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