The Sex Tape Scandal's Benji and Corey Discusses New EP, Shows, and Themselves

The Sex Tape Scandal is a post-alternative metal band from Chino, CA. Taking influences from 80's glam metal, classic hard rock, and modern hardcore, the two founding members, Benji Licks (lead guitarist) and Ronnie Fallout (drummer) embarked on their quest to challenge how modern rock is perceived versus how it should be. They have since gotten together a line-up that's solid and true with shows, new music, and more underway they have a whole lot more they want and need to do! Guitarist Benji Lixx and vocalist Corey Creeps talks about their latest release and future activity.

1. You've embarked on a quest with a challenge as to how modern rock is perceived versus how it should be, have you met the fate of this quest?

Benji: It's a work in progress. Success usually does not happen over night, it usually takes years until at one fateful show changes everything. Our idols, Motley Crue for example, went through the same process.  They were together for a few years and did not make a big splash until their second Album "Shout At The Devil." It is an ambitious quest and I believe it will be done as we grow as a band, hopefully, more than once.

Corey: I don't even know what that means. I would say that we came to rock, we are currently rocking, and will rock forever. Our fates have not been decided.

2. Be honest was there really a scandal when it comes down to your name as, The Sex Tape Scandal?

Benji: There has yet to be an actual Sex Tape Scandal, but given that most of us like to film ourselves having sex, it is a REAL possibility.

Corey: You gotta look that stuff up for yourself. We want our music to be at the forefront. Not our antics. Even though we are fuckin' ape shit.

3. Your influences are from the 80's as well as modern day genres, what bands in particular call to your name and really bring out the music that you guys create?

Benji: Motley Crue is the number one band. After that it branches out for all of us. Personally, my list is near endless, Tom Petty, Blessthefall, Bruce Springsteen, Atreyu, Ratt, Motorhead, Dokken, Metallica, Megadeth, Blink-182, Escape The Fate, Led Zeppelin, I could go on and list just about every Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band out there.

Corey: I dig KISS, Black Flag, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, Mayhem, Big Black, Lords of Acid... I'm kinda all over the place.

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? Do you have a message you want to deliver?

Benji: The only songs I wrote lyrics for were "Halfway In The Grave" and "Torment." Corey came in and altered lyrics here and there to make the meaning deeper than I originally had in mind. When it comes to writing my guitar parts, I try to evoke a feel or emotion with melodies. I usually have an idea for what that is when I start, but by the end, it is an animal all on it's own and every song is different. The general message is "Life is more than just Black and White emotions, and it's okay to feel all those shades of grey, red, blue, etc."

Corey: Our songs are about all kinds of stuff. Monsters, drugs, destruction. Different depictions of chaos. I like to contradict myself a lot in the lyrics. I'll say something really sweet one moment and then something atrocious the next.

5. Can you describe the song writing process, where does it come from, how does it get started, where does it end?

Benji: For the most part, I come to the guys with a full song or most of a song and we go from there: we add bass and drums part to the guitar licks, and Corey listens in, writing down whatever words come to mind. We start adding new parts and let the music take us to wherever "feels right." Sometimes parts work, sometimes they don't, sometimes they even spawn whole new songs. It takes a while, but in the end, everyone is happy.

Corey: We're insane perfectionists. Sometimes we'll spend a couple of months working on a song before we play it for anyone. It's that insanity that fuels us.

6. "Cheap Date" is the title you went with for this EP, so tell me what was the cheap date that this title came from?

Benji: We have Beatles way of naming things, we spend months trying to think of a cool name and finally just say "Fuck it, we're calling it this!"

Corey: We named it on a whim, really. We actually are cheap dates.

7. How would you describe the sound as a whole?

Benji: We are not a band that can be pigeon-holed into any specific genre or justifiably be compared to any other band. We play Rock N Roll the way we think it should sound.

Corey: We are usually loud as shit when we play live. We try to put that into the recordings too. It's gotta be fucking loud!!!!

8. Which one of the songs would you say is your favorite and would you recommend that same song; as one someone should listen to, if they've never heard you guys before?

Benji: Almost every song is my favorite song. They are all my babies. Absolute favorite would be "Halfway In The Grave." It holds a personal meaning to me and, in my opinion, I want everyone to hear it.

Corey: I like all of our songs. "Two At A Time" is a good starting place, I think.

9. Where are you in the process of your debut full-length album?

Benji: Close to the end of recording the lead guitars. I like to take a page out of Keith Richard's life and believe in studio magic; we went in with an idea of what the songs are going to sound like, and then new ideas spawn in the studio that just give the songs that extra "umph." There is some cool stuff I've been doing in the background of a couple songs that really put the icing on the cake.

Corey: I've tracked 99% of my stuff. I've gotta record a couple little "oohhs" and crap like that. I just sit around and take up space in the studio at this point.

10. What are your plans for shows and touring?

Benji: You got a show? We'll play it! Haha, but seriously, we have been pushing to set up our own shows and showcasing local bands that we love, like Secret 'Stache, Behind The Fallen, and Gravity Clutch, to name a few.

Corey: We plan on touring behind our album. We we're thinking of doing a mini-tour behind the EP just for kicks.

11. What should labels/zines/promoters/ and everyone else just know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Benji: We are here to rock your faces off and have a good time partying while doing it! We are not in it for the money, though we do want to make a career out of it, we are in it for the music. We love our songs, probably more than anyone else does, but that doesn't mean they wont love them just as much too!

Corey: Yeah!!!! We're human!!!! The real deal!!!!

12. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Benji: We have our new "Cheap Date" EP you mentioned earlier up on Facebook, but the best way to listen to us is with a drink in one hand, in a crowded venue, with us right in your face. We have all our merch (shirts, wristbands, the EP, etc) for sale at our live shows and we are almost done setting up our Website ( for online sales. It is going to be run by us and a handful of people, so we will be personally packaging and shipping them out to each and every person, with maybe a little something extra.

Corey: Listen to us on our Facebook page ( or ReverbNation ( You can buy the Cheap Date EP on iTunes. I think we're gonna be on Pandora soon as well!

13. Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Benji: We appreciate all the fans who've been there, are there and will be there! Come to one of our shows and catch the Scandal! We don't bite... Hard.

Corey: Our fans are crazy!!!! We love them so much!!!! They make us who we are!!!! We are soo0o0o0 pleased to please you!!!!

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