Still The Sky's Limit - Why Not?

Still The Sky's Limit was a side project that guitarist/back up vocalist Johnny B thought up but now the project is in full bloom and on the fore front of the rock n' roll scene. These Orange County, California locals got what they wanted to do in order and from there began to write and make music which leadto the release of their debut EP "Last Chance Past" with that they went on to perform and write even more material that would end up being on their debut LP "Why Not?" released before the end of this year ran out.

They source of still brings to mind Green Day meets Simple Plan and Good Charlotte except their earlier works being more pop punk based than their current material. Either way "Why Not?" delivers a solid punk rock attitude with an agressive twist that truly delivers that rock n' roll feel. The lyrics are catchy and really flow with the groove of the music. While the guitar and drumming is head on with each and every note.

These modern day rockstars are surly to be the next best thing to ever hit the rock n' roll scene in quite sometime.

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