Pistol Day Parade Interview

Pistol Day Parade shall we all take out our weapons and just fire away at anything and everything that gets in our way? I think so because you get that way after listening to these rockstars breaking through the rock and roll music scene little by little getting their music put together and touring around as much as possible. Pistol Day Parade sets the scene right and this is what they had to say....

1. Do you feel like your past plays a part in motivating your efforts?

Well in most of our pasts we've all had life & relationship problems, but we've actually found other ways of motivating our efforts. Fuller plans on buying a Nintendo 64 when we get signed, so he's been seriously motivated lately!

2. Do you feel your music and your efforts coincide with one another?

Yes, our music deals a lot with inner struggle and we've been working hard at getting our name out there for people to notice what we're doing, so they definitely coincide with one another.

3. Is there a message you carry within your music that you want to express to your listeners?

Buy our CD! Honestly, we just want people to worship us, nothing BIG!

4. What is Pistol Day Parade doing differently on the new album "High," to warrant the attention of some of the younger kids who are just getting into heavy music now? Do you feel you're a logical progression for kids to get into the way most people get into metal and hard – through the more popular bands?

Is that an SAT question? Well we generally grab the attention of older listeners whose kids just happen to hear the songs, because their parents make them listen to us as punishment, poor little kiddos!

5. If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask yourself? And what would the answer be?

I would ask... "Who in the band is most likely to start and fund his own free medical clinic?" answer- Rob Banks

6. Time for a little word game. What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when hearing the names....?

- Alcohol: Guido
- Idols: American
- Heavy Metal: Moms basement
- Sports: Thumb wrestling
- Food: Yum
- Love: Stinks
- Success: PDP's a household name
- Magazines: Swank
- Punkrock: Is dead

7. How would you compare "She Wants More," to "High,"?

"She Wants More" is 5 of our favorite songs. They all have powerful riffs and meaningful messages... We don’t like to get "High," but I'm sure you do!

8. How did such an odd name come to be?

Those are just three of our favorite things, so it seemed fitting.

9. Your lyrics are obviously quite interesting. How do you feel when that seems to be lost with some listeners whom only seem to hear the aggressive side of the music being played?

I'm sure we would feel, hurt, distraught, shamed, guilty, fearful and like writing a hip-hop album.

10. What do you think is the most harmful thing happening to the underground music scene right now, and what do you think could curb that?

What’s with all the hard questions?

11. Tell me, do you believe in life after death?

Umm, haven't you ever seen "GHOST" Whoopie Goldberg believes.

12. What does the immediate future hold for Pistol Day Parade?

One word.... The Betty Ford Clinic, oh wait that's actually 4 words!

13. What is the one thing that you would still like to accomplish with Pistol Day Parade that you haven't yet done?

Take over the world, or at least parts of New Jersey.

14. Was there any song that sticks out as one where you knew "High," was going to be the album that it became?

Yeah, we have always been partial to "Better" that song speaks to us (que the cheesy inspirational music).

15. Thanks for the time and such a great record.

Your welcome. - Randy.

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