For The Suffering Interview

For The Suffering is an intense metal act that does not want to be messed around with in any type of manner. Their debut "Revolt," takes their place in the music world amazing and grabbing everyone's attention little by little. Fans of Arch Enemy, Otep, Kittie will fall head over heels for these intense metaling masterminds.

1. Please introduce yourself and what you do in For The Suffering and give a brief summary on how the band formed.

My name is Marty and I play drums in For the Suffering

2. Your self-titled debut is out in the open, responses?

So far so good. Most of the responses have been positive and new doors are opening everyday for us.

3. Who did the artwork, title, lyrics?

Destiny Moshier did the album cover art for us. She's very talented and super easy to work with. Check her out at

4. Why the name For The Suffering, what does it symbolize?

It's a kind of a reflection of the things we've endured with band members coming and going and having to put up with shitty promoters and other unsavory characters.

Now that we have the right members and things are paying off it seems fitting.

5. Is the tour you're currently on right now in support of your latest release?

We won't be touring until August. Right now we are just doing weekend stints and one off shows.

6. Describe a For The Suffering show for those who have not witnessed one.


7. Is your music trying to send out a message fans can relate to and reflect upon?

Absolutely. Kierston touches on a lot of subjects that most people that have been through any sort of hard times or trauma can relate too. And of course there's a hint of political subject matter also.

8. You just signed with Crash Music Inc how has that been going?

Well they put the record out did some promotion..............I can't complain I guess. They have been pretty helpful with us so far.

9. Dustin left the band why the departure?

Dustin has a very sick family member and he felt he needed to dedicate his time to taking care of that person. I admire his selfless decision, not many people would do so.

10. You were once called A Day To Fall, in 2003, why the switch up to For The Suffering?

When we hired Kierston to take over the vocals it only seemed fitting to change up the name. New Music, new sound, new name.

11. "The Revolt," is your new music video what could you explain about that?

We filmed that video in just under 2 hours with absolutely no budget and it came out great! I asked my good friend Marcos Morales (from the band The Dead See) if he would be interested in doing our video. Marcos has done some short films and a few music videos for his band so he was total up for it. THANKS MARCOS!

12. Your music tends to create an Arch Enemy vibe more than the other artists you listed under your influences.

I think people say that because of Kierston. As flattering as that is we really don't sound anything like them. We all have our influences but we create was comes naturally to us. We do what we do and for the most part it's different to whats going on right now in the metal scene.

13. Who are you currently listening to right now?

I'm a huge fan of Devin Townsend so a lot of Strapping Young Lad, also a big fan of Soilwork, Mnemic, Textures, Raunchy etc....

14. What are the upcoming plans for 2009?

We will be touring in August and then in September we will be hitting the studio again with Eddy Razor to do our next record.

15. Anything else you'd like to add?

Yeah, stop downloading and go buy a CD or better yet vinyl!

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