The Number 12 Looks Like You Interview

The Number 12 Looks Like You talks to me about their latest albums and their upcoming touring plans and what we can expect to see and hear from this talented musicians just wanting to get their name out into the open for everyone to witness....

1. Tell me a brief summary on how the band got together and what you do in The Number 12 Looks Like You for those not familiar with the band.

We got together on accident about 8 years ago, we were trying to start a whole other band playing different instruments then we play now. I am the vocalist of the band, that means I sing.

2. What are you currently up too right now; saw some tour dates on your MySpace.

Right now right now? I am sitting in my underwear cause I just for out of the shower and doing this interview. And yes, more touring to come with Protest and Misery.

3. Your last two releases in the last two years was a DVD "Here At The End Of All Things," and then your last LP "Worse Than Hell," how did those project your music style since you first started. How did it feel to release your first DVD?

Worse than Hell? that's a pretty good name, I wish we thought of that one instead of what its called now, Worse Than Alone :) It shows our ages from when we first started, more matured and grown up, there's a zillion other bands out there right now who are doing what we use to do, so why should we keep doing it? It felt good to release HATEOALT...whoa...first time I abbreviated that phrase and look how cool that word is, man all these good ideas come NOW.

4. Ah, you win some you lose some...We just got the CD for review a week ago :), do we get points for being close? I heard you got your name from a Twilight Zone episode, which episode, are you a big fan of that series? I particular enjoy the one about "Maple Street."

You heard that? that's weird...we made that name about 60 years ago and THEN the twilight zone took it from us, of course they took the credit. Luckily I'm a huge fan of the show and let em have it.

5. Why the change up from being known as "And Ever," to now being The Number 12 Looks Like You?

hahahaha, wow how did you know? I don't know why, i wish we kept And Ever, it gets all the ladies.

6. What can fans expect from "Worse Than Alone", which came out a 2 weeks ago? More of the same, crazy musical change from "Mongrel"?

They can expect a little bit more put together Mongrel.

7. How is it like being apart of Eyeball Records, getting along with the other bands on the label, have you toured with them all or not yet?

Its rad.

8. What can we expect to see from The Number 12 Looks Like You show for those who haven't seen you play?

Peace sign rainbow flags waving in the air leading a congo line, body slamming, ears bleeding from megaphones, the pussy sword, sparklers, face fucking...and yes, I'm not exaggerating at all.

9. If you had a chance to go back in time where, what, why?

I would go back to when my pops was having sex with my mom on the beach in California and give him a pat on the back and say "You did a good job duder".

10. Have any plans for Easter or not too fond of the bunny making you hunt for eggs.

Nope, Easter sucks!

11. You shared the stage with a lot of amazing bands, but whom would you really love to play with that you haven’t had the opportunity yet?

Saves the Day!

12. Out of the variety of cover tunes you've done which one is your favorite to play live?

hmmmmmm....probably "Grandfather" by INXS.

13. What's next on the list for The Number 12 Looks Like You, assuming touring your asses off?

Indeed indeed.

14. You guys are going on tour with Misery Signals, Protest the Hero, and Fall From Grace, in April what can we expect from that line-up?

That it will be full of horny hard cock dudes at the end of tour.

15. How do all your tours get set up? Do you tell your manager "Hey we want to tour with these guys" Or just get told what to do.

All different, it depends.

16. Have you ever met an over obsessed fan?

hahah, oh yes.

17. What is currently playing on your iPod or CD Player?

Bad Rabbits.

18. Would you like to add any final words to those reading this?

Stand tall, fly straight, U-S-A all the way!

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