PitchBlack Discusses Summer Fest, Music, and Playing Around Somewhat!


Death thrashers PITCHBLACK have three album's and an EP out under their belts. But they are planning on performing at a summer fest that should really bring everyone together! The band then goes into discussion about touring, the fest, and their most recent works!

1. So how did you get involved with being a part of the "Bloody News Online Fest: Insane Summer Gathering 2021"?

They contacted us - we just released our third album last Fall, “Death and Disbelief” which was very well received by the press - so I guess it caught “the Bloody teams” attention. At the time they offered the online gig - we had a support tour for an other Danish act - “Whitering surface” which just got canceled due to corona - so we really appreciate getting this chance to promote our new album. Also it has been a true pleasure to work with the Blood news team, the seem very dedicated to what they do.

2. To those who may not be familiar with your band, can you give us a brief summary?

PitchBlack was formed in 2002 with an urge to play fast straight forward Death / Thrash - being true to our Scandinavian tradition of metal. To mention our greatest achievements we played the UK Download Festival - and our debut album received an MTV Danish metal award - for best debut album.

3. How would you describe your style?

As I just mentioned we play straight forward death thrash - our influences which I believe shines through in our music span from Pantera to Entombed.  Early on we got recognized as a Danish version of The Haunted - which was pretty unique because few Danish bands played this genre.

4. What have you release so far and how can someone find your material online?

We have released three albums and one EP, which can be streamed on iTunes, tidal, Spotify etc. You can also buy physical copies from targetshop - our labels distribution .

5. Why should someone buy your works?

Because our songs are fucking awesome - ha ha - Well if you are into the above specified kind of metal, and also like to get a little surprise now and then - in form of subtitle input from other genre - then PitchBlack is the shit for you.

6. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

We don't take our self too serious - I think we trying to give a very honest picture of the band and let the personality shine through - instead of trying to be boring perfect.

7. What do you want to achieve as a band?

We have toured a lot in our own region - we would really like to tour more abroad. But basically writing good songs and perform Them live - and when get the response from the fans during and after the show - is what keeps the engine running. 

8. What does this next year have in-store for you guys?

Due to corona we are a little behind promoting our album - so that is what awaits - now it seems like gigging is becoming possible again but we need to start over with the booking and see what comes up. Since we haven't toured with the last album yet - so it doesn't make sense writing new material - instead we are having fun jamming cover songs which we record quick and dirty and release on YouTube - just for fun and staying motivated and fit.

9. Where can the fans and new comers find out more about you?

You can find us on Facebook!

10. Can you describe your band in just three words?

Bad Ass - in your face!

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